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the cost of long-term improvements

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This report covers the present and future scenarios of the global capital spending on memory devices market for 2015-2019.
small-business owners planning to increase their capital spending in the next year, more also report actually having done so in the past 12 months.
LGD originally planned to launch capital spending of 4 trillion Korean won (about US$3.
Manufacturers plan to expand their capital spending by 22.
The May data for fixed investment suggests that capital spending has already begun to slow from the robust levels apparent during the first quarter.
This represents a 16 percent increase over average capital spending of $658,343 in 2002.
Worldwide semiconductor capital spending is projected to grow 15 percent in 2003 to $32 billion, up from $27.
After five consecutive years of capital spending increases, now it's back to the future.
Only in the last two years have cities' fiscal healths rebounded such that only a minority of cities are now reducing actual capital spending levels.
Overall economic growth has depended heavily in the past several years on capital spending by business, and economists said Thursday's figures were more evidence that growth this year would be anemic.
As this was being written, there were media reports that President-Elect Clinton, even while recognizing the importance of deficit reduction, was aware of the importance of dealing with a greater need for capital spending.
Most recently Hydro announced that it would trim $7 billion of capital spending over the next decade by deferring projects involving conservation, new generating capacity and transmission lines.
0-percent increase in PA capital spending in 1985 was one-fourth of the 1984 increase.
Under this 2007 capital spending program, Pioneer expects to deliver oil and gas production growth in excess of 10% from 2006 production of 35.
Chemicals: According to a survey by Chemical & Engineering News, the 16 chemical firms that gave answers about capital spending will increase capital spending by an average of 7.