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So a Conservative win in May would give Wales the grim title of bedroom tax capital of the UK.
London remains the identity fraud capital of the UK.
Norwich is named as eBay capital of the UK, with 44% of its population registered as users.
I BLAME the parents for making Wales the truancy capital of the UK (WoS May 12).
Manchester is the linguistic capital of the UK, according to industry experts, as some of the world's biggest firms are fighting for staff with language skills in the area.
Mr Hensby said: "Liverpool has become the undisputed real ale capital of the UK and we're proud to have played a leading role in that movement.
The resort is widely regarded as the surf capital of the UK with many surf stores and hire shops in the town.
NORTHERNERS drink more tea than people in the South, although a Welsh town has been named the tea-drinking capital of the UK.
GLASGOW has been named the payday loan capital of the UK, new figures show.
And with the area on its way to becoming the renewable energy capital of the UK, now is the perfect time to strengthen ties with Denmark and the Nordic region.
Base yourself at the Best Western Imperial Hotel in Fort William, the outdoor capital of the UK, and you could hit the slopes without the hassle of going abroad from just PS52.
In March, it launched a site for Fort William tourism body, the Outdoor Capital of the UK.
CARDIFF is no longer the bank card fraud capital of the UK.
BrIghtoN has been crowned the card fraud capital of the UK.
A TOWN in southern England was today crowned the surprise curry house capital of the UK, out-spicing areas with a strong tradition of Indian restaurants.