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"You read about cities in England who are worried about having 10 hogweed plants in their area and we have about 10 hectares of them,"he added."We must be the hogweed capital of Scotland. What we need is for councillors, MPs, MSPs to get together with SNH to organise a project to tackle it, otherwise it is going to get worse and worse."
Edinburgh Airport has announced the launch of a direct route between the capital of Scotland and the capital of the United States, starting next summer.
It was founded in 1947, and takes place in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Which city, once a capital of Scotland, stands on the River Tay?
At a time when the people of Gaza face continuing attacks, this small gesture from the capital of Scotland gives them hope, hope that the pressure from across the world will help bring about a lasting peace which can only be realised by the establishment of a free and democratic Palestinian state."
This is to take place today on the East side of Princes Street in the capital of Scotland at 5:30 pm local time.
The capital of Scotland, on the river Leith, combines city life with the seaside.
New services to the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, from Istanbul are scheduled to begin on 16 July 2012 and will operate four times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
The teams are flown to the gourmet capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, to set up a top notch street food business which are all the rage at the moment.
The black inside of its mouth is the giveaway, as Neil Stanhope found when he hooked this rarity (above) on a Scottish outing from Oban, Argyll - known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland - in the Laura Dawn, skippered by Ronnie Campbell.
Police in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, said Goodwin's large detached house was attacked in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
The last time I looked, Edinburgh was the capital of Scotland. I don't care where Tony Blair was educated, he was born in Scotland and is most definitely a Scot.
Once considered the historic capital of Scotland and called "The fairest portion of the northern kingdom" by Sir Walter Scott, Perthshire has lots to explore.
Our readers weren't particularly happy about the announcement: Jill Anne said: "Why the hell is it not coming to Edinburgh yet again - it is the capital of Scotland after all."