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the capital of South Korea and the largest city of Asia

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Finally, it was time for the wedding and Gyeongju, the wedding capital of Korea, with its icy-white cherry blossoms in full bloom, was the place for the traditional shamanistic ceremony.
"Hi Seoul Festival 2009," celebrating its 7th anniversary this year, will be held from May 2-10 in Seoul, the capital of Korea. This year's festival will take place at Seoul Plaza, the lawn-covered public square located in front of Seoul City Hall, and the Cheonggyecheon, a stream which runs through the heart of Seoul, as well as five royal palaces in this modern city with an ancient history.
TOTTENHAM supremo Daniel Levy prides himself on being one of the game's great wheeler-dealers - but he was rendered speechless in the technology capital of Korea.
On the same day a Japanese army took control of Seoul, the capital of Korea, and on the 10th, Japan declared war.
Last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the administrative organization of the capital of Korea, initiated "e-Seoul 2001," a project aimed to improve the efficiency of administration and to provide various information for its citizens based on an intelligent information infrastructure.