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According to details, the incidents took place in the capital of Holland, Amsterdam, a Pak born resident of Karachi Salman in guise of travel agent looted hundreds Pakistanis by using Ruby named woman who was also Pak born.
Welcome to Amsterdam, the city of compromise and tolerance, and proud capital of Holland. Only an hour's flight from Liverpool, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world - it attracts 12 million visitors a year - catering for wild party animals as well as lovers of culture and art.
What is the capital of Holland? Then call 0904 026 0158 and follow instructions OR text DRCOMP05 followed by a space, your answer, name, house number, and postcode to 84080.
Amsterdam is famed as the fashion capital of Holland with many top stores and high street names gracing the city's shopping centres, so visitors to Birmingham's Bullring will love its cosmopolitan offer.
The Colorado-based surgeon has fixed more joints than a stoned student in the capital of Holland and has laid his hands on more caps than David Beckham.