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RICH, RUSSIAN AND LIVING IN LONDON BBC2 9pm The capital of England has the highest number of multi-millionaires in the world, and many of them are Russian oligarchs who have set up home in the poshest postcodes.
And, more specifically, we have learned that it is St Helens which is the under-age emergency contraception capital of England, with the equivalent of one in every 20 girls, aged 10-15, receiving prescriptions.
The cathedral has been at the centrepiece of Winchester throughout the ages, back to when the city was the old capital of England.
50pm, Film4 When his daughter takes a life-threatening overdose, a prisoner with no chance of parole (Joseph Fiennes) forms a crew of misfits to break out of their rotting Victorian cells using the tunnels and sewers that undermine the capital of England.
But there was still plenty to play for, not least bragging rights in the football capital of England.
Asked the highlight of her time in Winchester -which was the capital of England until after the Norman Conquest - Emily gasped: "The cathedral.
Whether it's to cheer on their country at the 30th Edition of this prestigious sporting event or to take advantage of the fact that the tourist attractions of the capital of England would be a stone's throw away, this is the event of the summer.
For example, Liverpool City Council is lobbying gover nment hard, every single day, for the Green Investment Bank which will bring jobs and investment to the city, and would make Liverpool the Green Capital of England.
According to authorities, police have arrested around 12,000 people, including 800 in London, capital of England alone.
Travel has been disrupted in London by multiple explosions across the capital of England.
London, the capital of England and the UK, is the world's ninth-largest city.
COVENTRY could once again become the capital of England.
THE West Midlands has overtak-overtaken London as the gun crime capital of England and Wales according to new crime figures released by government.
Cleveland was the arson capital of England in 2000 but George Crooks, Cleveland Fire Brigade's arson reduction manager, said: "A huge amount of work has been done by the crime reduction partnerships in Cleveland.
Recent figures from the North Liverpool Primary Care Trust revealed Liverpool as the smoking death capital of England, with the habit claiming 40% of adult fatalities.