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capital of the People's Republic of China in the Hebei province in northeastern China

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13 percent of the issued share capital of China Construction Bank.
BULLETIN BOARD: GZGT) , a mobile phone handset and pre-paid calling card distributor and mobile handset value-added services provider in the PRC, has successfully set up a retail branch in Beijing, the capital of China.
Suzhou, a prominent city on the Silk Road and also renowned for its gardens, is the silk capital of China with a history of the craft dating back to the early 7th Century.
For Sunderland's agreement of friendship with Washington DC puts it in the same position as Beijing, the capital of China.
Beijing was chosen as the location for the first co-located event because of its importance as the economic center and capital of China, the largest market for the growth and development of the global construction industry.
Skepti picked up businesspeople saying that the capital of China is now Ka-ching.
Her book says the Japanese army swept into the ancient city of Nanjing, then the capital of China, in 1937, and within weeks murdered more than 300,000 Chinese civilians.
The sole asset of Smartest Man is its 49% legal and beneficial interest in the issued share capital of China Pearls and Jewellery City Holdings Limited (the "HK Company"), and the sole asset of the HK Company is its 100% equity interest in a wholly-owned foreign enterprise ("WOFE").
Summary: BEIJING (Cihan) - Beijing, the capital of China, embraced its first snowfall this winter on Sunday as freezing cold and strong wind gripped many provinces of the country.
Silk Roads: the Routes Network of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor (China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) is a 5,000 kilometre section of the extensive Silk Roads network, stretching from Chang'an/Luoyang, the central capital of China in the Han and Tang Dynasties, to the Zhetysu Region of Central Asia.
In registered capital,RMB 600 million will interpret and raise RMB 446 million, hence, the total registered capital of China Pingmei Shenma Group will rise from RMB 18.
As of the date of this announcement, Telefonica has a 5% interest in the issued share capital of China Netcom.
The capital of China is the first point of the roadshow in the Asian region.