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the amount by which the selling price of an asset exceeds the purchase price

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26 (twenty-six cents) and an annual distribution from realized capital gains in the amount of $0.
Also, where possible, property sales should be deferred until 1996, or, at least, where the taxpayer qualifies to use the installment method, payment should be deferred until 1996 to help insure the benefit of capital gains changes.
You could sell losing investments before the end of the year to offset capital gains, said Laura Vahl, a certified public accountant in Beverly Hills.
This article summarizes the relevant rules for characterizing such damages or settlements as ordinary income, capital gain, nontaxable return of capital or fully taxable punitive damages.
The Republican proposal for capital gains cuts is far more generous," said Heck.
John Breaux of Louisiana, a leading Democratic proponent of capital gains cuts, whose view would be disputed by his more liberal colleagues.
39 (thirty-nine cents) per share, and an annual distribution from realized long-term capital gains in the amount of $0.
The Internal Revenue Service announced (Internal Revenue Bulletin notice 97-59) it will apply new capital gains rules when a technical corrections act is passed -- retroactively -- for tax years ending after May 6, 1997.
The funds are required to annually distribute all the capital gains and dividends that accrue within their portfolios.
705 and reduce their (presumably) capital gain from the sale of the partnership interests by the basis increase, under Sec.
Under current laws, a 55 year old seller would owe about $80,000 in capital gains taxes on the sale, taking into consideration an exclusion on the tax attributable to the first $155,000 in gain.
The taxpayer appealed the decision; the Second Circuit held that she was entitled to reduce stock value for potential capital gains tax liabilities, even though no liquidation, or asset sale or distribution, was contemplated by the corporation when the stock was gifted.
It is really necessary to backdate any changes in capital gains because you don't want market activity to come to a stop,'' said David Wyss, chief financial economist at DRI-McGraw Hill Inc.
A capital loss results and without capital gains to absorb the loss, there will be a large and currently unused capital loss carryover.