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the cost of long-term improvements

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This has potential billed volume of 2.93 MLD by the deal's end and would require capital expenses of P79 million.
"They are looking at about $100,000 in capital expenses in 2020."
"It's a large expense to plant an acre of grapes and you've got three years before you get any return on it."The legislation outlines a list of eligible capital expenses for both winemaking and vineyards: land acquisition, machinery and chemicals used during the harvest, wine storage and materials used for the treatment and processing of grapes and wine.
Among all the provincial budgets, recurrent expenses have surpassed the capital expenses only in Province 7.
Burlington Resources Oil & Gas, LP accrues and withholds funds it estimates will be needed to cover capital expenses. The distribution for July includes a USD 1,000,000 gross credit based on a reversal of accrued capital expenses.
Capital expenses are cut by 58 million euros because only 32 percent of the plan had been achieved in six months.
However, recent partnerships between regional ports could lower capital expenses in the long run for some entities, partially offsetting the cuts.
The port development funding will provide liquidity for capital expenses needed to develop the second phase of King Abdullah port capacity of up to 5 million container berths, capacity of 600,000 cars a year and bulk cargo of 4 million tons per year.
The loan was funded at 80% of the purchase price and an additional future-funded amount of 100% of leasing cost and capital expenses. Deerwood's Yaakov Leiser negotiated the deal.
Furthermore, clients of IRC from north-eastern China will benefit from more frequent deliveries and a shorter route to their assets, thus reducing working capital expenses.
SHREWSBURY -- Town meeting voted Wednesday night to raise $5.5 million for a Proposition 21/2 override to fund municipal and school operating and capital expenses for the fiscal year beginning July 1.
According to him, only 5% of the ministry's funds are alloted for capital expenses, with an excessively high percentage devoted to the staff.
Optical LAN delivers significant savings in capital expenses, power consumption and space requirements.
Where all capital expenses, operating costs and consumable bills of IT power and cooling are normalised to a monthly bill, the message is that server costs dominate and power and cooling drives the bulk of the operating expense (excluding administrative costs, which vary considerably from site to site).