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A while ago, a national poll indicated that over 60 percent of those polled favored the death penalty for capital crimes.
He safely chooses to cite cases where DNA evidence is available to secure a conviction for a capital crime and he may well have a point but never mentions those crimes of murder where convictions have been secured without any DNA evidence being available - for example, cot death and epileptic seizure to name but two.
Bhatti incurred their wrath by his opposition to his country's Sharia laws and antiblasphemy laws which make it a capital crime to insult Islam or the prophet Mohammed.
These training courses shall further improve the capabilities of Palestinian Police Officers on a sustainable basis especially for fighting against crime and capital crime.
Hilbert for the capital crime of treason for aiding an enemy of the United States.
Imprisoned in one of the deposed Shah's opulent government buildings in Tehran and accused of the capital crime of organizing a protest march, Farzin awakens one morning to the volley of a firing squad outside his cell window.
The first issues, launched with a May dateline, includes articles on: the 25th anniversary of post-Furman executions in North Carolina; search and seizure in a new world; the death penalty in Florida; classic arguments for and against the death penalty; the Eighth Amendment implication of increased procedural reliability on existing death sentences; North Carolina's death penalty for girls and women; and, sentencing considerations in capital crime.
Now we have a situation in which a duly elected councillor can be suspended from her duties for the capital crime of posting her views and opinions on the Gazette website.
In New Hampshire's private sector, killing for hire is a capital crime, punishable by death.
According to police, the actor in this capital crime is the owner of the Charlotte area's Dilworth Insurance Agency, one Michael Arthur Howell, 40, who when last we checked was being held without bond on a charge of first degree murder by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.
Justice Lewis Powell voted to vacate the sentence on the narrower rationale that ''death is disproportionate punishment for the crime of raping an adult woman,'' leaving open the possibility that rape of a child might qualify as a capital crime.
Scheck also tells us that eyewitness reports constitute the sole evidence base for successful prosecution in 78% of capital crime convictions among persons now on death row.
In Nigeria it's a capital crime if you commit adultery, in Malaysia if you carry drugs.
Today, 18 of the 38 remaining capital punishment states bar the execution of anyone who was younger than 18 when he or she committed a capital crime.
The man, you see, "wanted to exist without the responsibility of consciousness"--obviously a capital crime.
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