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the opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision

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Contract Awarded to recover over USD$2,100,000 in capital cost expenditures
He said the capital cost of small enterprises is 5.
Commenting on the publication Dr Andrzej M Kotas, Managing Director of MCI said "The objective of writing this report was to identify the capital costs involved in the construction of any main part of a modern steelworks.
Would cover running costs but not enough income to repay capital costs and would need to be examined in the budget process.
However, actual LEED-associated capital costs, long-term savings and other benefits can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.
First year SPS capital costs are about half the traditional storage costs and they approach one-third the cost of traditional systems after the first year.
Skagestad says his upcoming report will review the concept for the prototype project, examining all aspects of the capital costs and the displaced energy when going from natural gas to geothermal.
50-millisecond mesh network restoration demonstrates the fruit of our efforts to introduce GMPLS networking standards into our future network, and reduces the capital cost of growing and integrating our optical networks," said Dr.
Capital costs for these fields are estimated at $4,000-$5,000 per barrel/day.
Even with the added capital costs for the turret and multiple core sets, the Index machine will be very cost competitive with a 72-cavity system, says Koch.
The distinction between deductible repairs and capital costs is based on the purpose of the expenditures: the purpose of a repair is to restore property back to an efficient operating condition, while the purpose of capital expenditures is to extend the property's life, increase its value or make it adaptable to a new use.
The 1983 Amendments to the Social Security Act (Public Law 98-21)enacted the Medicare prospective payment system (PPS) for the payment of hospital impatient operating costs, but spending further study, continued cost-based payment of capital costs until October 1, 1986.
The determination of net income was derived by subtraction of annual operating cost and appropriate capital costs from the gross revenue modified by collection rates.
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