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Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

an increase by natural growth or addition

several things grouped together or considered as a whole

the act of accumulating

(finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation

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Second, we will argue that cash building by saving does not necessarily imply a longer time period for capital accumulation to materialize.
H]), networking for social capital accumulation ([H.
The development of the oil industry generated not only a substantial process of capital accumulation and knowledge transfer, but also promoted a process of socio-political modernization and economic growth.
The purpose of calculating MFP is to separate the effects of technological improvement from those of capital accumulation (human and physical) on labour productivity growth.
That means that China is beginning to "rejoin the human race" as capital accumulation meets scarcer labor and growth slows.
1) On the other hand, there is literature on the impact of inequality on capital accumulation.
The capital accumulation rate decreased in all countries, while unemployment; the ratio of financial income to the share of operating surplus for NFBs; the ratio of operating income of NFBs to operating surplus of the entire economy; dividend and interest income as a share of total household income (renters household income share); renters' share of NFBs; renters' payments over operating surplus of NFBs; and the ratio of operating surplus of NFBs divided by the operating surplus of the entire economy all increased substantially.
However, a few puzzling facts about China's recent growth performance need to be accounted for before we can judge the relative role of capital accumulation and TFP in China's recent growth and make projections about its future growth.
Consequently, we extend the benchmark model to include spillovers in the human capital accumulation process.
This paper studies how optimal wage tax conclusions from the classic two-period life cycle model of human capital accumulation are affected by endogenizing the number of taxpaying workers.
China's remarkable economic performance since 1979 has been built on a highly mercantilist trade policy and an unhealthily high rate of capital accumulation.
Some of his publications include, Agrarian Transition and Capital Accumulation in Ethiopia; Ethnocentric Interpretation of Ethiopian History; Nationalism and Ethnicity in Ethiopia; The State and its Ethnic Politicise in Southern Ethiopia; The Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State.
Thus China both is the world's largest exporter of capital and has the world's highest ratio of domestic investment to GDE This is capital accumulation on a grand scale.
Growing management and promoting from within capitalizes on the fact that top-level executives are focused primarily on maximizing their long-term capital accumulation while they're in their prime earning years.
The book includes a hefty arsenal of worksheets (monthly budgeting; assets, liabilities and cash flow; retirement expenses; annual retirement savings; and capital accumulation, for example), questionnaires and other aids to help readers define their financial goals.
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