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Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

an increase by natural growth or addition

several things grouped together or considered as a whole

the act of accumulating

(finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation

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The inclusion of property rights as an exogenous variable in the regressions made the coefficients of physical capital accumulation and population growth decline and lose statistical strength.
Changes in on-budget taxes and spending have two sources: changes in capital tax revenue owing to changes in capital accumulation in prior years, and the response of the budget process to Social Security reform.
The credit side of the TISA national income and product account includes consumption of $2,856 billion and gross domestic capital accumulation of $1,678 billion, both of which differ substantially from their BEA counterparts, as detailed in what follows.
Because some capital accumulation may occur in the local or regional economy through the importation of various capital goods including natural resources, any increase in the composite stock, K, of the economy carries the risk of a successful biological invasion.
GAO then examines the impact of federal fiscal policy on the rate of capital accumulation and economic growth.
However, physical and human capital accumulation and technological changes driven by innovative R&D are two integrated elements in driving economic growth in a real world economy.
Some of our objectives in choosing these options are to encourage long-term capital accumulation and investment diversification and to make administration easy.
Work on the project, "Human Capital Accumulation in Post-green Revolution Rural Pakistan", began roughly two years ago.
Insurance and Precautionary Capital Accumulation in a Continuous-Time Model.
Human capital accumulation levels are about 90% as large under the lower elasticity and 115% as large under the higher elasticity.
Some of his publications include, Agrarian Transition and Capital Accumulation in Ethiopia; Ethnocentric Interpretation of Ethiopian History; Nationalism and Ethnicity in Ethiopia; The State and its Ethnic Politicise in Southern Ethiopia; The Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State.
Thus China both is the world's largest exporter of capital and has the world's highest ratio of domestic investment to GDE This is capital accumulation on a grand scale.
Growing management and promoting from within capitalizes on the fact that top-level executives are focused primarily on maximizing their long-term capital accumulation while they're in their prime earning years.
The book includes a hefty arsenal of worksheets (monthly budgeting; assets, liabilities and cash flow; retirement expenses; annual retirement savings; and capital accumulation, for example), questionnaires and other aids to help readers define their financial goals.
Only Hashima completely succeeded in forcing the viewer's complicity in creating and sustaining its narrative suspense, in rhapsodizing and proselytizing in equal measure the picturesque, fantastical sight--and accompanying sounds--of capital accumulation pushed beyond its capacity.
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