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a tax on capital gains

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Production for the period, however, has remained constant while royalties and capital taxes were reduced.
TEI recommended that the government reconsider its decision, particularly in light of the Institute's position that capital taxes at the federal and provincial levels be eliminated.
In addition to tax bases that overlap, capital taxes and business property taxes share another attribute: both taxes must be paid whether or not a business is profitable.
To create prosperity on Anglesey he wants a selective reduction in capital taxes, availability of UK-wide business rate reductions and investment in Holyhead port.
It will therefore come as a relief that no such increase was announced, and in fact the improvements from April 6, 2010, to Entrepreneurs Relief (a lifetime allowance of capital gains on which entrepreneurs pay capital gains tax at 10%) will represent a reduction in the overall burden of capital taxes by up to pounds 80,000 for many business owners, which should help to encourage the level of business investment.
People who believe that they should have been exempt from IHT should contact the capital taxes office and ask for a refund plus interest from the time of death.
The idea is to reform and lower capital taxes and company taxes so that we get far more growth in the economy," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
TEI's letter explains that capital taxes undermine innovation and discourage investments that are critical to fostering long-term prosperity, job growth, and international competitiveness.
He promised that, if elected, there will be no increase in personal, corporate or capital taxes and added: "That's an agreed position between Fine Gael and Labour.
Finally, we provide straightforward proof of the optimality of zero long-run capital taxes that does not rely on the primal approach used in Chamley (1986) and summarized in Ljungqvist and Sargent (2000, chapter 12).
A YOU must report it to the Capital Taxes Office no later than a year after his death, as he did not outlive the gift by seven years.
The latest (April) edition of the Capital Taxes Office's IHT Newsletter (www.
The TACS Club, set up by the TACS Partnership, is offering a seminar and support programme covering VAT, capital taxes, employment taxation, business tax issues and customs duties for a fraction of the price of the major firms.
But in 1986, after four years in office the Fine Gael-Labour Coalition were able to raise a mere pounds 36m in capital taxes and pounds 258m in corporation tax