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the amount by which the selling price of an asset exceeds the purchase price

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AaBut Corm cited two characteristics of the Lebanese taxation system, saying that it reduces the tax burden to the minimum on the capital profits i.
A portion of all Admiral Capital profits, including proceeds from the Centerplate partnership, will support philanthropic causes such as The Carver Academy.
Companies are excellent vehicles for holding and selling properties where the income and capital profits are reinvested within the business.
The Council decided to authorize the Minister of Finance or his designated representative to sign the agreement between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government of the Republic of Ghana to avoid double taxation and prevent tax evasion in respect of taxes on income and capital profits.
The attractions of making capital profits will be even more important going forward for individuals, and welladvised businesses and investors will be seeking legitimate ways to keep their tax burden to internationally competitive levels.
The rules clearly state that the horses running in the name of the RARC are the property of the Ascot Authority and that the members' entitlement to prize-money and capital profits are defined in those rules and, if any, will be paid to members as a rebate on the subscriptions they have paid in that year.
Barclays Capital profits rose by 37% to pounds 599m and profits at Barclays Global Investors up 73% at pounds 157m.
The support services sector has been hard hit by high profile accounting problems, profits warnings and a growing disillusionment with the Government's current method of financing big capital profits and services, the private finance initiative.
The law further states that asset contracts, benefits, services and intellectual property rights that are traded between beneficiaries and other parties, in addition to special purpose entities, whether through the release or extension of Islamic bonds, or the devolution of assets to special purpose entities after the recovery of bonds, the distribution of profits to bond holders, in addition to capital profits coming from the trading of Islamic bonds, are to be recorded and brought under its jurisdiction.
New legislation was introduced last year which has resulted in the removal of the prohibition on the distribution of capital profits by way of dividend.
Previously the tax was 20 per cent on stock profits, 15 per cent on profits from interest, and 20 per cent on capital profits, including the transfer of ownership of shares, bonds and other forms of ownership in any Russian company.
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