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the cost of long-term improvements

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Moving forward, the DBM said it expects the bulk of disbursements, especially for infrastructure and capital outlays, to be made in the second semester.
'It is expected that the bulk of disbursements, especially on infrastructure and other capital outlays, will be heavily concentrated in the second semester of the year.
For example, some state universities used to charge a modernization fee from students which used to construct buildings, capital outlay," de Vera said.
On the outlook for the full year, it said the overall construction market is expected to shrink due to the government's efforts to limit public works-related expenditures, although private-sector capital outlays are expected to remain brisk.
Relentless global pressures to cut costs, reduce capital outlays and maximize operational efficiencies are causing insurers to take a new look at business process outsourcing.
People don't always realize that oil is produced in risky distant countries with enormous capital outlays, transported vast distances, refined in expensive refineries, distributed through a wide network of pipelines, trucks, and wholesale outlets, sold at stations in prime locations, all at a price that is less per gallon than designer bottled water in your supermarket from the next county.
With proper incentives, managers know they are spending their own money when they propose big capital outlays, acquisitions, new products or other initiatives.
Historically, the large capital outlays necessary to own a hotel have limited African American participation in this industry.
ASMI said that editorial will cover such topics as: environmental issues, including ISO 14001, emissions, disposal, and co-generation; business and management issues, including legal issues, labor analysis, new legislation and regulations and capital outlays; new technologies, including cell processing and manufacturing execution systems; and, new heat treating processes and equipment.
According to the IRS, taxpayers using these shelters claimed artificial losses for capital outlays that they had in fact recovered.
said Wednesday it plans capital outlays totaling 360 billion yen for fiscal 1998, up 4.8% over the previous year.
Nearly one-half of all spending will be for capital outlays - highway construction, engineering, and right-of-way expenditures.
The same could not be said of infrastructure and capital outlays, which both declined by 4.6 percent and 34 percent, respectively.
The planned budget for capital outlays for 2020 to 2024 is higher than the P377-billion allotment for the past five years, inclusive of this year's budget of P85 billion.