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Furthermore the president of the High Court stated that, "the high rate of capital offence in Western Equatoria State is murder case, rape and adultery" and he also assured the journalists that, "the only crime punishable by death sentence is murder if evidence and witnesses are produced in the court and if the person is proven guilty.
IN 1741, English law made sheep-stealing a capital offence.
Estrada was convicted of plunder - a capital offence - though the death penalty was recently abolished.
Based on evidence obtained from Mary Burton, a sixteen-year-old indentured servant, the court charged that the white itinerant teacher John Ury was a Catholic priest and a Spanish spy--a capital offence.
He added: 'In the past in Scotland, sheep-stealing was a capital offence but we're not advocating anything so drastic.
Our times, unlike the era of the Gileadites, do not deem mispronunciation a capital offence.
In Canada, the Muslim family converted to Christianity -- a capital offence in Iran.
The Jews are accused of passing on secret military information to Israel, a capital offence in the Iranian judicial system.
In the same week, the Office of Fair Trading announced it will look at some odious airline restrictions - like limiting compensation for damaged or lost bags or cancelled flights and making the passing on of a flight ticket to a relative or friend close to a capital offence.
But earlier on Tuesday, Miguna was charged at a Kajiado court with "being present and consenting to the administration of an oath to commit a capital offence, namely treason".
Looting was once a capital offence dealt with by shooting.
Garrow's Law BBC1, 9pm It's another tale of scandal in Georgian England this week as Garrow is called on to defend a man who has been accused of sodomy - a capital offence in that day and age.
If he ever returns to his home country, he faces the possibility of execution - not because of the killing but because being gay is a capital offence.
Kidnap for ransom is considered a capital offence in the Philippines.
As kidnapping is a capital offence in Iraq, the alleged captors could face the death penalty.