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Sir Cecil Havers barred the jury from considering whether Ellis had acted under provocation and might therefore be guilty of manslaughter, rather than the capital offence of murder.
'To the best of my knowledge, Kilgore is not charged with any capital offence so the issue of the death penalty would not be relevant,' said Mr Penn.
THE smoking of tobacco was a capital offence in Germany until the 17th Century.
He lamented the inability of the defendant to present a legal representative but said ' by law, in any capital offence of this nature, a defendant must be represented by a counsel.
It was a capital offence in the time of Queen Elizabeth I and, strictly speaking, should still be.
The single count in the charge that accused Senior Airman Ahmad al-Halabi of ``aiding the enemy'',a capital offence, was dropped, as were counts that dealt withe-mailing information about Guantanamo detainees and committing espionage by transmitting information to unauthorised recipients.
In 1812, the Spencer Perceval government made machine-breaking a capital offence, despite a passionate speech by Lord Byron in the House of Lords.
And the briefing of journalists without the OK of Parkinson and Duncan will be considered a "capital offence", said the senior party man.
Faced with by a litany of court cases, including a capital offence, Obado's tribulation have raised the question: Is he a criminal or a victim of political machinations?
Britons will forgive much about politicians but incompetence is a capital offence With the West Coast line hitting the buffers at midnight - an example of a government judging that hour to be a good time to bury bad news - showed Ed Miliband was right.
Evagoras Pallikarides was born in Tsada on February 26, 1938 and was hung by the British on March 14, 1957, aged 18, for being caught carrying a gun, a capital offence at the time of the EOKA insurgency.
During her trial the jury was barred from considering whether she had acted under provocation and might therefore be guilty of manslaughter, rather than the capital offence of murder.
The first was the longest murder trial in England and Kelly became one of the very few men to be tried twice for a capital offence .
Looting also became rife thanks to bombings, with the Government making it a capital offence in an effort to curb the growing trend.
class="MsoNormalMagistrate Shikanda noted that robbery with violence is a capital offence hence it would be an injustice for the suspects to face the trial without legal representation.