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(economics) that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's outflow and inflow of financial securities

(finance) an account of the net value of a business at a specified date

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The assets of these funds are considered to be outside the general fund and capital accounts of the state and local governments and are rarely touched even in the event of severe fiscal deterioration.
The first three are examined using a sample of countries with open capital accounts from 1950 until sometime after 1960.
While partners' capital accounts are not maintained in real time or systematically updated on a recurring basis to reflect changes in the underlying value of partnership property, revaluation events allow partnerships to adjust the partners' capital accounts to more accurately represent the partners' economic entitlements on the basis of current FMVs of partnership property.
China's closed capital account is clearly incompatible with the country's high degree of economic openness.
The loss is divided among the partners based on their income sharing ratio and any remaining cash after creditors are paid is distributed in accordance with the balances in the capital accounts. However, in the case where a partner's capital account is not large enough to absorb the loss, a deficiency is created.
For partnerships liquidating in accordance with the partners' capital accounts, partnership allocations were, and still are, drafted to attempt to cause the partners' ending capital accounts to achieve the desired economic deal (so-called safeharbor, or layer cake, allocations (4)).
Several countries in the region that had recently opened their capital accounts experienced large capital outflows, forcing them to abandon their pegged exchange rates.
As a result, the tax program would eliminate part of the effects of the central government's efforts to stabilize the nation's bad-loan ridden banking system through recapitalization of banks' flagging capital accounts, it said.
TOKYO, March 9 Kyodo The government might conduct a second round of capital injection into banks whose capital accounts have been depleted due to chronic bad-loan write-offs, the minister in charge of financial system revitalization said Tuesday.
For such services, a number of partnerships pay fees chargeable as expenses to the partnership, whereas others allocate net income from the limited partners' capital accounts to the general partner's capital account, and still others employ a combination of the two methods.
704(b) safe-harbor economic effect regulations and provided that income or loss would first be allocated to the partners' capital accounts and then, after such allocations, cash or other property would be distributed in proportion to each respective partner's capital accounts.
plans to funnel about 50 billion yen each into the capital accounts of two holding companies it has charged with overseeing its networks of subsidiaries in the United States and Europe, company officials said Tuesday.
The accounting for the quasi reorganization reflects substantially what might be accomplished in a reorganization by legal proceedings." This includes restating assets to current value and making appropriate modifications to the capital accounts, such as eliminating a deficit in retained earnings to minimize the need for similar reorganizations in the future.
* Capital accounts must be properly maintained in accordance with rules contained in the regulations;
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