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The income and consumption per capita are imaginary shares, assuming equal sharing.
Per Capita income is the average income of the population;
The infrastructure refresh Capita provided within our new primary school phase site was a seamless process and we look forward to continuing to work with Capita" Adam Mirams Headteacher, St Georges Church of England Foundation School.
Alaska and New Jersey had the highest and lowest lifetime suicide costs per capita ($338 and $107, respectively) (Table 2).
Brunei, a small country with a wealthy economy that is a mixture of foreign and domestic entrepreneurship, government regulation and welfare measures, and village tradition has led to GDP per capita (PPP) of 71,185.
In 2015, GDP per capita expressed in PPS ranged between 46 per cent of the EU average in Bulgaria to 271 per cent in Luxembourg .
16 percent of GNI per capita and Qatar has the cheapest service among Arab countries at 0.
Average per capita income in The Village of Indian Hill: $121,411
2 percent per capita income growth in 2014 placed it at No.
Capita signed a PS50million-a-year deal with the Army in 2012 after Tory-led cuts led to the privatisation of recruitment.
Service Birmingham - which is actually a partnership between Birmingham City Council and Capita - saw its turnover fall from PS107.
With per capita exceeding a whooping $105,000-a-year), Qatar is racing ahead.
com)-- Capita Learning & Development has been relied upon to provide responsive training supplied by subject experts in London, Birmingham and Manchester.
Thus, the Macedonian GDP per capita in 1996 totaled 2,230 dollars and last year-4,700 dollars.