capillary action

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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries


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Proposed as an alternative to capillary rise, "it was going against what everybody believed," Rico-Guevara says.
where h is the maximum capillary rise (cm); [gamma] is the surface tension of ethyl alcohol (dyne/cm); [alpha] is the soil contact angle assumed to be zero for ethyl alcohol; [rho] is the density of ethyl alcohol (g/[cm.
where, [sigma] is the interfacial tension in mN/m, r is the capillary radius in cm, h is capillary rise in cm, [[rho].
Capillary rise was used to determine the difference between wettability of organoclays in styrene and UP diluted with styrene.
Capillary Effects: Capillary Rise, Capillary Pumping, and Capillary Valve
Eq 7 shows the dependence of the index of maximum rate of capillary rise according to watering front on the selected drying parameters.
The field trial showed that to effectively control soluble salts, mulch amendments needed to improve both surface infiltration and subsurface permeability sufficient to mitigate against capillary rise during drying cycles.
The well-known capillary rise technique has been adapted for IFT measurements at elevated pressures and temperatures.
This assures the capillary rise of water and the even sprouting because the soil surface is straightened.
In this paper a modified technique based on capillary rise is used to measure the surface energy of several boron nitride powders.
The work relates to the recovery of disorders affecting the Hotel de la Motte including treatment walls against rising damp, servicing compliance VRD and renovation of premises affected by the resumption of disorders namely - Removal of capillary rise on interior and exterior walls,- Complete renovation of the exterior drainage system,- Separation and repair of EU / EP networks- Recovery works on the terrace at the origin of water infiltration,- Analysis and optimization of various systems existing heaters,- Repairs of deteriorated architectural statements Corps (painting, false ceiling, partitions, linings, .
The capillary rise technique with its well-established theoretical basis offers an alternative method for indirect contact angle measurement.
The channels may be modeled as capillary rise between two parallel flat walls with spacing between the w.