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Of this, 12 patients had PT/APTT more than 1 minute among which, 3 had evidence of hypotension and 2 had capillary leak syndrome. The total no.
Key Words: systemic capillary leak syndrome, compartment syndrome, rhabdomyolysis, polycythaemia
To achieve this, scientists at Peregrine mapped out the structure of IL-2 and identified the region that is responsible for causing capillary leak syndrome. This region was then synthesized and tested for suitability as a vasopermeability agent.
The labeling for Elzonris contains a Boxed Warning to alert health care professionals and patients about the increased risk of capillary leak syndrome which may be life-threatening or fatal to patients in treatment.
Capillary leak syndrome and hemolytic uremic syndrome, including life-threatening cases of each, have been reported among patients treated with Lumoxiti.
Idiopathic systemic capillary leak syndrome (SCLS): case report and systematic review of cases reported in the last 16 years.
Infusion-site symptoms are common; patients who are hypoalbuminic may experience capillary leak syndrome leading to hypotension.
Treatment-related AEs leading to discontinuation were hemolytic uremic syndrome, capillary leak syndrome, and increased blood creatinine.