capillary action

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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries


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Colloidal nano-particle sorting and ordering on anodic alumina patterned surfaces using templated capillary force assembly.
As depicted in Table 1, three [pi] terms represent the contribution of four forces (gravity force, driving force, capillary force, and viscous force) in the reservoir which influence the distribution of oil and water phases.
This experiment confirms that only under the sway of capillary force can CNTs/epoxy dispersion processed with the sonication parameters used in this study infiltrate into the inter- and intra-bundle gaps.
The same principle under water remains an exciting perspective, because without air there is no capillary force.
To include the horizontal flow due to capillary force for three-dimensional infiltration from a disk infiltrometer, this formula has been modified as [3]:
The role of the capillary force will not be considered in our analysis because the meniscus curvature induced by the gravitational force around the nanometre-sized particles is negligible.
Only capillary force is used to move fluid through the chip.
The CaBER is a filament-stretching device that monitors the diameter at the mid-point of a fluid filament as it thins under the action of capillary force.
During surfactant flooding lowering of the interfacial tensions helps recover additional oil by reducing the capillary force.
Brown (7) developed what is known as the capillary force hypothesis.
The capillary force, the buoyancy force of the immersed part and the hydrostatic pressure all contribute to the particle attachment at the gas/liquid interface, whilst the force of gravity, the capillary pressure and the additional external acceleration act to detach the particle.
Although Mountain Safety Research's stove is expected to be the first commercial application of capillary force vaporization, other projects are under way, according to Vapore's chief executive Robert Lerner, Possibilities range from fuel oil burners to the sophisticated Kerosene heaters that are popular in Japan, he said.
The capillary force acting at the channel opening resists the forward motion of the liquid--the "capillary barrier.
The Dynamic Gap technology uses capillary force during reagent application while switching to continuous movement of reagents during reagent incubation and washes.
It is produced by sintering, whereby fine powders of WC and Co are heated up so the cobalt melts and the material is pulled together by capillary force.
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