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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries


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At the same time, both the capillary flow and Marangoni flow are strong for the droplet on the smooth substrate.
Capillary perfusion, which refers to capillary flow and density, is the primary prerequisite for adequate tissue oxygenation and therefore the organ function [23].
* Capillary flow: The first two or three drops of blood should be wiped away, using a clean lint-free gauze pad.
All patients and healthy controls underwent detailed assessment of arterial function and wall properties, which consisted of carotid wall assessment, arterial stiffness and pressure wave reflection measurements, laser Doppler measurements of capillary flow, and endothelial function assessment by brachial ultrasound and peripheral arterial tonometry.
The 70% that stays on the wall ("retained water") is addressed by liquid conductivity (capillary flow) and vapor diffusion.
The diameter of the blood vessel capillaries in most vertebrates is about 25% smaller than the mean diameter of the erythrocytes, causing blood cell deformation during the capillary flow [1, 2].
Other coatings induce specific physical properties: hydrophilic surfaces can be used for improving capillary flow of (in particular polar) liquids, while hydrophobic coatings (for example, using PTFE) can be used to reduce cross-contamination between arrayed devices.
Core features of the system include: the SPD-M30A photodiode array detector, which offers high sensitivity and resolution, achieving a low noise level through the adoption of the total reflection capillary flow cell, high- brightness lamp, and optimized signal processing circuit; the Intelligent Dynamic Range Extension Calcular (iDReC), a iDReC function in the SPD-M30A that extends the dynamic range so low-concentration and high-concentration samples can be analyzed in a single injection; Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis (i-PDeA), which extracts a single peak from co-eluted peaks and quantitates it by exploiting the difference in spectra between each compound; temperature-controlled optics; and automated solvent blending.
A discovery by Thomas Witten and colleagues about capillary flow in coffee rings, first discussed in 1997 in Nature (2), made engineers Wong and Ho wonder if the simple hydrodynamic forces at work in an evaporating droplet might be harnessed.
[5] Chakraborty S (2005) Dynamics of capillary flow of blood into a microfluidic channel.
Hydrophilic coatings and PSA systems may be used in a variety of in-vitro diagnostic devices, including capillary flow, lateral flow, microfluidic, microtiter plates, and electrophoretic devices.
It is a known fact that the major losses in a capillary flow are due to friction.
Part I covers plant materials in modern pharmacy, herbal medicine and nutritional supplements, biological activity of primary and secondary metabolites, chemosystematics, layers, capillary flow development methods, physical and chemical detection methods, biodetection methods, and forced flow development.
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