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Flow visualization experiments are also carried out to study the capillary effect at low injection pressure or inlet flow rate.
A particularly serious problem is pattern collapse, a phenomenon wherein the capillary effect causes photoresist patterns to collapse during the developing process, which results from the increasingly small photoresist images.
On the other hand, we have comparatively little knowledge about the waves with capillary effects, and the verification of weakly nonlinear theories such as the 5th-order forced KdV equation has yet to be done.
Gravity and Capillary Effects on Imbibition in Porous Media.
Seventeen chapters cover basic concepts, governing equations, basic flow solutions, hydraulic resistance and compliance, diffusion, time-dependent flow, capillary effects, electrohydrodynamics, electroosmosis, dielectrophoresis, magnetophoresis, thermal transfer, two-phase flow, complex flow patterns, acoustofluidics, optofluidics, and nanofluidics.
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