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port city in southwestern South Africa

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It is not just a drink, but also a new taste-bud experience with real Capetonian flair.
Capetonians like their Gucci, Chloe, and Kenzo as much as the next person, but they proudly declare that "Local is Lekker" ("cool," as the regional slang has it) by mixing those labels with pieces from homegrown fashion and accessories brands.
Capetonians are famously laidback, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to party.
South African champion Tobie de Wet from Pretoria eventually went on to win the event, while Capetonian Richard Thompson came in second.
Julia is a Capetonian who lived in London for 12 years, six of which were spent working as an agent for film directors.
Skjellerup, once again a Capetonian, which revived interest in astronomy (Long, pp.153-154; Smits, pp.79).
The Capetonian has played in five World Cup tournaments, which all ended in despair for South Africa.
Matyas, Zara's father, who operates on the fringes of the art-collecting in-crowd of Capetonian high society, is a foil against which Jake Coleman's artistic failure and sexual excess is amplified.
Staniland, Luke (2008) '"They know me, I will not get any job": public participation, patronage, and the sedation of civil society in a Capetonian township', Transformation 66/67.
A highlight will be dinner at CatharinaOs, the hotelOs newly renovated fine dining restaurant, presided over by Chef Garth Almazan, a born and bred Capetonian and culinary whiz, who is a 10-time winner of American ExpressO Award for Fine Dining.
A four-night package (June 16-22) including a ticket to England's game with Algeria in Cape Town on June 18, including flights, B&B at the four-star Capetonian, coach transfers, local guides and merchandise costs pounds 2,762pp (, 0845 121 2018).
TONY McCOY travels to Southwell today for just one ride - and he can come up trumps on Capetonian.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Ravenscar, 2.40 Red Scally, 3.10 Oslot, 3.40 Gee Dee, 4.10 Capetonian, 4.40 Natoumba, 5.10 Kings Rhythm.
Iziko owns a large collection of antiquities, many of which were purchased for the then South African Museum by the businessman and benefactor to the city, Capetonian Alfred Aaron de Pass (1861-1952).
Last year he became a major shareholder in South African group Property Partners, with Capetonian Stuart Chait and finance group Javelin Capital.