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a member of the Capetian dynasty

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In 1159, two years before obtaining the throne of England, he had married Eleanor, heiress to the duchy of Aquitaine and only a few weeks earlier divorced from her previous husband, the Capetian King Louis VII.
51) To combat such fragmentation, the early Capetian kings declared royal currency to be the only currency of the French realm.
For French royal efforts in this regard, see Robert Fawtier, The Capetian Kings of France (New York: St.
When the last of the Capetian kings, Charles IV died in 1328, the nearest male relative was his nephew Edward III of England, whose mother was Charles's sister.
According to Robert Fawtier (The Capetian Kings, London 1964, p.
On Saint-Denis, where eight Carolingian and eight Capetian kings and queens were buried in the second half of the thirteenth century, see Sommers Wright, 224-43.
Thereafter it became the customary coronation seat for the Capetian kings.