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large black Old World grouse

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The Exceed And Excel filly was second on her only start to date behind Mark Johnston's classy Capercaille, who ran a blinder in the Queen Mary.
Johnston, who has entered Capercaille for the Queen Mary, Albany and Windsor Castle Stakes is looking forward to sporting his tartan waistcoat as he greets his unbeaten pounds 225,000 purchase after her chosen target.
'It was wonderful to bring big-name bands like Capercaille over, and we had the capacity to offer them decent money because we could get 240 people in there.'
The result was the virtual elimination of the remaining big game species in much of Europe (Breitenmoser 1998), even though over--hunting had contributed to the extinction of the wild boar (Sus scrofa) in England in the 1500s, the capercaille (Tetrao urogallus) in Britain around 1790, and the complete extinction of the auroch (Bos primigenius) by 1627 (Myrberget 1990).
Red squirrel, capercaille and red kite have all been reintroduced to Scotland in recent years, but Wales ranks with Italy, Denmark, Croatia and Portugal as parts of Europe that have not yet brought back beavers.
Predicting space use responses to habitat fragmentation: can voles Microtus oeconomus serve as an experimental model system EMS for capercaille grouse Tetrao urogallus in boreal forest?
& Storch, 1.2000: Minimum viable population size of capercaille Tetrao urogallus: results from a stochastic model.--Wildlife Biology 6(4): 219-225.
Some of the country's top musical acts, including a unique combination of Admiral Fallow, The Twilight Sad and the RSNO, plus shows from Capercaille, Gaelic rocker Donnie Munro and the hugely popular The Vatersay Boys will appear during the week.
Mairead's musical journey began in her native Gaoth Dobhair, the Donegal Gaeltacht which has drawn her home and where she is permanently based, surrounded by her family and friends, including Manus Lunny of Capercaille. She reflected fondly on the strong musical influences of her father, the late Francie Mooney, and shared memories of her late husband and Altan founder Frankie Kennedy.
Capercaille, the huge black European grouse, are plentiful in Romania and hunted in the spring, but in 2010 a heavy snowfall up high made getting to them impossible.
BRIAN GRAY, 1 Capercaille Lodge, Annitsford, Cramlington.
It's felt this cat could help control the increasing deer population and benefit ground-nesting birds like capercaille by controlling foxes.
Musselburgh 2.20 Capercaille, 3.20 Ishetoo, 4.05 Kyzer Chief, 4.40 Lucayan Dancer, 5.15 Where's Reiley, 5.45 Baizically.
This line-up includes performances from Liberty X, Capercaille, Kate Rusby and Blazin' Fiddles.