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Karel Capek interested Orwell less than Wells, Zamyatin or Huxley.
Handpainted nineteenth-century signs advertising everything from coffee to shaving cream, engravings torn from old magazines, illustrations in penny-thrillers, all of them shrill, garish, lurid, and strangely innocent, supplied Capek with the raw materials of his art.
Karel Capek, as the main representative of Czech literature abroad during the inter-war period, gets well-deserved attention in this book, although Porter considers as a weakness Capek's use of his characters as vehicles for his ideas, which I believe to be a deliberate device for a good purpose.
The empress added that she enjoys the writings of Czech novelist Karel Capek, and said each country's art and culture is beautiful in its own way, and this individuality adds to their beauty.
Capek, Ph.D., president of Guidant's Vascular Intervention group.
The word robot was first used by Czech dramatist Karel Capek in his play Rossum's Universal Robots.
NEW YORK A Brooklyn Academy of Music presentation of the Glyndebourne Festival Opera production of the opera in two acts with music and libretto by Leos Janacek, based on the play by Karel Capek. Conductor, David Atherton.
The word robot, by the way, was coined in 1920 by playwright Karel Capek from the Czech word "robota" meaning forced labor or drudgery.
LIBEREC - Hauzr, Capek, Michalik, Lexa, Stajner, Liuni, Jun, Johana, Janu, Neumann, Pilny.
Petr Johana and Pavel Capek will remain a rugged obstacle to Fowler and Heskey, but they enjoyed plenty of good fortune at Anfield and may not be so lucky second time around.
pounds 400 to Theatre and Professional Practice students Robert Pitchford and the Highly Sprung Theatre Company to create and tour a new translation of Capek's The Insect Play.
This can be an advantage: the overwhelming body of books and articles about utopias is discouraging if your authors range from Plato, over Campanella, Bacon, Neville, Shakespeare, Defoe, Forster, and Cook to de Sade, Melville, Wells, Capek, Casares, and Meinhold.