Cape primrose

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any of various African plants of the genus Streptocarpus widely cultivated especially as houseplants for their showy blue or purple flowers

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The superb new flower, called Crystal Ice, is a Cape primrose or streptocarpus.
Dibleys, the streptocarpus (Cape primrose) breeders from North Wales, are increasing the flower's yellow centre to the point where they will perhaps achieve thefirst yellow variety.
Some of the smaller plants, such as the Cape primrose (Strepocarpus), tend to grow among rocks in their natural home.
I enclose my cheque for pounds 14.10 for the Cape Primrose offer (cheque can include subscription).
Dibley's Nurseries, of Llandegla, near Wrexham, won the top medal for its magnificent display of streptocarpus, whose flowers look like the Cape Primrose.
q Next week: A colourful collection of cape primrose houseplants.
Make light work of lawns with the latest hover mowers from Flymo Flame weeds away with Parasene Weed Wands Grow delicious herbs with the new Royal Horticultural Society book Win new Cape Primrose houseplants and organic seed collections.
This week's winner is Maureen Haynes, of Hackney, East London, who says: "I bought some Cape primroses for my flat and can't believe they flower for nine months.