Cape York Peninsula

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a peninsula in Queensland in northeastern Australia between the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Coral Sea

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185); and, drawing on his work in central Cape York Peninsula, Benjamin Smith argues that current attempts to 'push Aboriginal people away from the past in order to effect "progress" and "development"' (pp.
In no small measure his rich understanding of these saltwater Aborigines led me on a saltwater journey of my own on Cape York Peninsula, the Torres Strait Islands and beyond.
But the immersion of a whole region like Aboriginal Cape York Peninsula into dependence on passive welfare is different from the mainstream experience of welfare.
Large incursions of the virus in 1995 and 1998 were linked with low-pressure systems that sustained strong northerly winds from New Guinea to the Cape York Peninsula.
Paul Keating's 1992 Redfern speech launching the Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples, and Noel Pearson's 1999 Brisbane talk denouncing what he calls `negative welfare' and its impact on indigenous communities in the Cape York Peninsula are printed in full here, making these two important and much-quoted pieces more accessible than they have been.
The second award was obtained from Svedala Australia Limited for a kiln ESP in the new Australian Kaolin plant located on Australia's Cape York Peninsula.
But you may not realize that you can round out a Barrier Reef vacation with a journey up Cape York Peninsula touching the northernmost tip of Australia's northernmost state in a four-wheel-drive safari as memorable, in its way, as the beauty that flickers before a snorkeler's mask.
In Cape York Peninsula, where sandalwood occurs naturally, there are often limited options for commercial development, but initial research under FST/2008/010 showed that forestry provides one of the few promising opportunities.
The Cape York Peninsula land tenure resolution process has reached some historic milestones.
The cyclone is expected to hit the Cape York peninsula on April 11.
Jinki Trevillian writes of transgression and freedom in love, marriage and solitude on the Cape York Peninsula.
The stations abut national parks on Cape York Peninsula and the South Australian-Queensland border, including south-west Queensland's Simpson Desert National Park.
This paper explores the ongoing effects of legal demarcation on Aboriginal North Queenslanders, drawing on my own ethnographic and applied research in Central Cape York Peninsula.
Logan Jack had a special interest in the eastern part of Cape York Peninsula.