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the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula at the Torres Strait

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Benefits : The project will improve accessibility to Cape York for the local community, and produce flow-on benefits to local industry, including mining.
This vast ecosystem--the mountain range that stretches from Cape York to Victoria--is home to most of Australia's native birds and animals, contains many of the country's endangered species and is the source of water for about 12 million people living on the eastern seaboard.
Samples from north Queensland had the smallest (55 mm FL) and largest (990 mm FL) fish, a higher modal FL (401-500 mm) than the samples from the Kimberley and Cape York regions (301-400 mm FL), and a much higher proportion of very large John's Snapper than samples from the other 3 regions (Fig.
On the final traverses to Cape York, we saw ragged outcrops at Botany Bay unlike anything Opportunity has seen so far, and a bench around the edge of Cape York looks like sedimentary rock that's been cut and filled with veins of material possibly delivered by water," said Ray Arvidson, the rover's deputy principal investigator at Washington University in St.
Sydney, Australia, May 5, 2011 - (ABN Newswire) - Cape Alumina Limited (ASX:CBX) has finalised access agreements with western Cape York Aboriginal land owners in the Company's Bauxite Hills mine and port project area, clearing the way for a large-scale exploration and drilling program to begin later this year.
The value of rivers and wild food resources to Aboriginal people is the focus of new research that will help transform water management on Cape York in northern Queensland.
If you've got some more time up your sleeve, you might consider heading further north towards Cape York, following in the wake of Captain Cook.
He also gets the chance to experience life with the Royal Flying Doctors as they visit their Aboriginal outback clinics, before he flies up the Cape York peninsular on a Marine Survey plan and heads over to Papua New Guinea.
Boots convinces his reluctant father to go on a fishing trip, but later confesses that the fish are off the top of Australia at Cape York -3,000 miles away
Queensland offers a variety of green getaways including the Cape York Turtle Rescue at the Cape York Turtle Rescue camp in Tropical North Queensland.
Most of the untouched areas were in the country's vast interior and northern savanna, including largely Aboriginal Arnhem Land, northern Cape York Peninsula, the vast southwest Nullarbor plain and the central Gibson desert.
exchange with Cape York which was carried out mainly via the Kaurareg of the south-Western islands.
His experience in the aluminium business includes overseeing the upgrade of Comalco's New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (NZAS), the development of the company's bauxite mine at Weipa on Australia's Cape York Peninsula, and the $1 bn expansion of the Boyne smelter at Gladstone.
The victim was targeted at an Aboriginal community on Cape York in north Queensland in 2005.
This book, coinciding with celebrations of 400 years of Dutch- Australian contact, chronologically reviews the relationship between those countries, beginning with the East India Company's vessel Duyfken's arrival on the present day Cape York Peninsula in 1606.