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a group of islands in the Atlantic off of the coast of Senegal

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For Herminio Moniz, the CVVM is the due homage that the Cape Verdean nation is giving to these Cape Verdeans and an opportunity for the new generation to know a little about what Cape Verdeans have been and has been history in that country.
Ventura, Costa's slightly older principal protagonist in practically all his recent films--a Cape Verdean immigrant and construction worker who always plays himself and scripts his own dialogue--was around in Lisbon too.
Meanwhile, racially self-identified Hispanic/Latina(o)s and Cape Verdeans, due to the absence of these groups as racial categories on the NIH measure, have match rates of 0 percent.
The event was organised by Inhaba, a business development and knowledge-network venture founded by Nigerian Olugbenga Adesida and Cape Verdean Jose Brito.
THE PARIS-BASED LUSAFRICA LABEL has become a force in the music industry, credited with bringing Cape Verdean music to a global audience and with promoting talented young African performers.
The official language is Portuguese, but Cape Verdeans also speak Cape Verdean Creole, which is based on archaic Portuguese and influenced by African and European languages.
The former president has been active in Cape Verdean politics since the struggle for independence from Portugal in 1975.
In CV, there is a firmer tradition of nationals working on board foreign vessels, and at present approximately 150 Cape Verdeans are hired by Spanish and Portuguese shipowners.
Since the independence of Guinea-Bissau, observers have speculated on whether or not any significant tension existed between those of Cape Verdean background and those of pure African parentage.
About half a million Cape Verdeans live in the US, roughly as many as those still living on the islands.
Rocha has been to Cuba twice, including 1983 visit that featured a talk with Fidel Castro and a trip to Isla de la Juventud, where 1,000 Cape Verdeans have studied over the years.
Many of the dead are her countrymen, fellow Cape Verdeans who long ago waded their tiny archipelago for the big cities of New England.
During the last year, Senegalese officials worked with Spanish authorities to break up two trafficking rings, one of which was transporting Cape Verdeans through Senegal and The Gambia to Spain.
There's a large generation of Cape Verdeans and other Africans here in Lisbon, in Paris, in Boston, in Los Angeles, and all over the world who feel like they have no identity,'' Tavares said.