Cape Verde Islands

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a group of islands in the Atlantic off of the coast of Senegal

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While infrequent, tropical depressions and storms have formed near the Cape Verde islands, as was the case during the NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis (NAMMA) campaign with Tropical Depression 8 and Tropical Storm (TS) Debby (Zipser et al.
Santiago is the largest of the 10 Cape Verde islands at nearly 1,000 square kilometres and also the most African in terms of its inhabitants due to it being the centre of the Portugese slave trade for centuries until 1878.
This 14-night cruise departs from Santa Cruz in Tenerife and sails to La Gomera before heading towards the Cape Verde islands for Mindelo, where passengers can enjoy the beaches or take a jeep safari through the volcanic landscapes.
The Spanish pope simply cut the world in half like an orange, creating a demarcation line, pole to pole, 100 leagues west and south of any of the islands of the Azores or the Cape Verde islands and granted Spain (or more accurately the joined crowns of Castille and Aragon) all lands west and south of the demarcation line and the other half to Portugal.
The Cape Verde islands are an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands in the central Atlantic Ocean 500 miles off the west African coast.
The former Manchester United star, 29, forks out almost PS5000 a time to fly Maria Dolores Aveiro, 58, and her bowling buddies 1200 miles from Madeira to Boa Vista in the Cape Verde islands.
The football genius, 29, forks out around PS4,800 each time to fly Maria Dolores Aveiro, 58, and her bowling buddies 1,200 miles from Madeira to Boa Vista in the Cape Verde islands.
It all means that Cape Verde Islands will drop to second place in Group B with nine points while Tunisia finish first with 14 points to qualify despite the un-expected result that had the Cape Verde players celebrating their success at the end of the match.
Our latest entry comes from Nicola Wheeler, from Sully, who sent us this lovely picture, above, of herself and her family and friends from Sully and Dinas Powys, on holiday in Cape Verde islands last month.
Port Elizabeth: Ghana and Mali took contrasting routes to join Ivory Coast, South Africa and Cape Verde Islands in the African Nations Cup quarterfinals on Monday.
Three-time winners Cameroon, however, face an uphill struggle to avoid missing out on qualification for a second successive tournament after they lost 2-0 to the Cape Verde Islands.
The competitors fished such places as Cape Verde Islands, Bermuda, St.
Eleven countries before Mario Fraioli marches in with the Costa Rican Olympic team at Friday's opening ceremonies, Ruben Sanca, a 5,000-meter runner coached by Auburn resident Gary Gardner, will accompany his Cape Verde Islands team around the Olympic Stadium track.
The various lineages found in the Cape Verde islands also occur on different host species in distant geographical locations across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.