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an island country in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal

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Like most governments of underdeveloped countries, the Government of Cape Verde is loath to refuse any offers of assistance and is therefore by virtue of both conviction and opportunity launched into this ambitious development scheme.
Ouzzine will hold talks, on Monday, with a number of Cape Verdean officials, notably Cape Verde's Foreign Minister, Jose Brito, on means to promote economic cooperation and political dialogue between the two countries.
Kukona received the award for his efforts in establishing a Counter-Narcotics and Maritime Security Interagency Fusion Center (CMIC) that was completed this spring in Cape Verde.
She noted that more than half of Cape Verde's cabinet are women.
"Diseases of the First World are being seen with increasing frequency in Cape Verde," she told CubaNews.
A 30-member mission from Morocco spent several days in Cape Verde to try to organize the details of the trip, but Cape Verde received a communiquE[umlaut] from the country informing authorities that "due to official reasons the visit to Cape Verde by the Moroccan delegation has been postponed sine die."
He had sailed to Santiago, the biggest of the Cape Verde islands, from Senegal with a group of fishermen as part of a charity mission to visit every country in the world.
LAST week The Sunday Mirror ran a front page headline about a holiday home development in Cape Verde a beautiful archipelago of nine islands off the coast of Senegal in West Africa.
Instead of choosing established holiday hotspots such as Spain, Cyprus or Florida, Claire and Leon chose Slovakia and Cape Verde.
Earlier this month, Cape Verde celebrated 32 years of independence from former colonial power Portugal.
Cape Verde, an island chain off the west coast of Africa, is set to become a member of the World Trade Organization sometime next year, the global commerce body announced Tuesday.
TACV Cape Verde Airlines appointed Aviareps subsidiary Airline Centre UK as general sales agent for the UK.
This unit, intended for students in fourth to sixth grades, deals mostly with the Cape Verde Islands (Republic of Cape Verde), 10 islands and 5 islets located off the coast of West Africa.