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a sandy promontory (formerly Cape Kennedy) extending into the Atlantic Ocean from a barrier island off the eastern coast of Florida

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Periodically, the silo crews fired various ICBMs from test facilities at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and from Cape Kennedy [sic] in Florida under highly controlled conditions.
From the Cape Kennedy launch on July 16, to splashdown in the Pacific on July 24, the world was captivated by what President Nixon would describe as "the greatest week since creation".
And as in dreams, or at Cape Kennedy, they rise, Slowly it seems, their chests like royals, yet Behind them in a double plume the sand curls up, Is barely dented by their flying hooves, And wheels that barely touch the world, And the wind slams shut behind him.
The milestone was set by military vehicles loaded on board the MV Cape Kennedy, a ship of the U.S.
In the 1980's, the triangular windows [in the crown] were illuminated at night, making it New York's answer to a rocket liftoff at Cape Kennedy."
See and Charles Bassett, scheduled to fly together in Gemini 9, the deaths of Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee in the Apollo 1 fire at Cape Kennedy in January 1967; Ed Givens's tragic automobile accident in a Houston suburb in June 1967; and the death of C.
JULY 16 Apollo 11 space rocket takes off from Cape Kennedy, Florida, to land a man on the moon
Michael Collins) set for 9:32 a.m on July 16 from Cape Kennedy (now Cape Canaveral) in Florida, the Soviets faced the prospect of a tremendous loss of prestige, even though Moscow remained polite and continued to talk about cooperation in space.
His industrial experience includes numerous management/engineering positions in several aerospace firms (Hercules Inc., Lockheed Martin, Pan American World Airways, and Boeing), including work on the Saturn program at Cape Kennedy. His professional associations include the American Production and Inventory Control Society, Decision Sciences Institute, and the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.
Dodds' answer to these down-to-the-sea-in-boats hassles is a specially designed trainer with rollers that literally launches boats into the bay - Cape Kennedy style.
So he went over to Cape Kennedy and knocked on NASA's big, rocket-sized front door, waving his $20m.
In addition, Central Florida is home to Disney World, Universal Studios and 160 other simulation-related businesses stretching along a so-called "laser lane" from Cape Kennedy to St.
(They bring over a tribe of North American Indians, who have no fear of heights, to paint it.) Iceland -- Reykjavik in particular -- has been one of those places like Cape Kennedy or Colorado Springs: part of the phenomenon that Ann Markusen and I once called `The Rise of the Gunbelt'.