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a rocky headland belonging to Chile at the southernmost tip of South America (south of Tierra del Fuego)

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I had an incredible view of Cape Horn, with the moon really high.
This is Konyukhov's fourth rounding of Cape Horn, and the second aboard Trading Network Alye Parusa.
As cruise lines all over the world look for new destinations, Valparaiso--a hopping-off point for Chilean fjords, Cape Horn and Antarctica--is back on the international radar screen.
The West Country side have failed to score in ten of those games, and confidence must surely have gone further south than Cape Horn.
During the deployment phase, the team embarked on the major task of discharging and dispositioning 641 pieces of cargo from the MV Cape Horn and 81 pieces of cargo from the MV Scan Bothnia at the Port of Chuk Samet--nearly 18,400 measurement tons of cargo.
Saito, a resident of Tokyo's Taito Ward, sailed eastward via Cape Horn in Chile, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and Tasmania in Australia.
Having served in the Royal Navy, circled the globe twice by sea and seen the magnificence and fury of Biscay and Cape Horn, I sympathize with your readers who deplore the bowdlerizing of the seafarers' hymn, Eternal Father (September and October letters).
In preparation for the move, transporters of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's 837th Transportation Battalion in Pusan, Korea, loaded 1,700 pieces of brigade equipment onto two Military Sealift Command (MSC) vessels, the MV Cape Horn and MV Cape Hudson.
In this survey the author, who combines wide-ranging historical research and a pleasing style, looks at the 'first two generations of explorers, colonisers, governors and missionaries' who in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries colonised the vast area between what is now the Southern United States (California to Florida) and Cape Horn.
In the 1850s, traveling by sea from Florida to California was a treacherous journey around Cape Horn.
In 1990, VS-29 joined CVW-11 and Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), accompanying the carrier around Cape Horn for a move to her new home port on the West Coast.
From its northern tip, bordering Peru and Bolivia to its southernmost tip, near Cape Horn and only about 120 miles from Antarctica, the length of Chile is about the same distance as New York City to San Francisco.
Based on the true account of the voyage of Neptune's Car around Cape Horn from New York to San Francisco, The Captain's Wife is a riveting story that will captivate readers of all ages.
A cold gale was blowing outside, as I was surfing the Net, three nautical miles off Cape Horn, in the Southern Ocean, out beyond the tip-end of South America.
19 last year and is expected to arrive in Rokkasho after passing round Cape Horn in South America, the sources said.