Cape Flattery

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a cape of northwestern Washington

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The species has been reported near British Columbia waters in southeastern Alaska (Mecklenburg and others 2002), off the Washington coast (Kajimura 1969), at Ocean Station Papa (Peden 1979), and once from British Columbia waters at Deep Big Bank, north of Cape Flattery (48[degrees]24'N, 126[degrees]09'W; Peden and Jamieson 1988).
Fraser, Stradbroke and Moreton Islands, and Cape Flattery on Cape York have all been subject to sand mining.
The reverberations of the virtual hunting out of whales were felt as far down the coast as Cape Flattery, off Washington State, and, in the villages of the North Pacific.
7 | Cape Flattery Tribal Scenic Byway, Neah Bay, WA Paved two years ago, this road winds 11.5 miles to the northwestern tip of Washington: Take the trail to incredible land's-end scenery.
Visit Cape Flattery, where the surf drowns out your voice, and imagine what it would be like to live on Tatoosh Island, off-limits to visitors.
Met at Cape Flattery by a large tug, the tall ship was towed up the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Sound to her appointment at a mill.
The Cape Flattery co-op has given the fishermen more control over their catch and prices.
Two hundred thirty-six persons drowned off Cape Flattery, Wash., when the steamer Pacific sank after a collision.