Cape Fear River

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a river in North Carolina that flows southeast to the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Fear

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To encompass the greatest variability possible in estuarine habitats, I sampled nursery creeks in two widely separated, geophysically different North Carolina estuarine systems: 1) Pamlico Sound and River and 2) the Cape Fear River (Fig.
The team had to develop this large tract from NC Highway 211 all the way to the banks of the Cape Fear River with the lowest possible impact to the existing natural habitat.
OffShore in the Cape Fear River, a Sunny Point fireboat sprayed red, white and blue water skyward.
Fran inflicted the most damage in Raleigh and along North Carolina's barrier islands just east of Wilmington, where it pounced up the Cape Fear River with 115 mph wind and pushed a storm surge of water 11 feet in places.
CFCC's largest campus is located in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina on the banks of the Cape Fear River and the North Campus is located in northern New Hanover County.
Constrcution of a water pipeline and pump another 60 million gallons a day to the region from the Cape Fear River near Lock and Dam No.
The 316-megawatt (MW) Cape Fear plant, located in Chatham County on the Cape Fear River, has been a vital part of meeting the needs of Progress Energy Carolinas' customers since 1923.
But clearly Cape Fear's most unusual naming possibility is its pier, a dogleg-shaped, 140-foot-long mooring on the Cape Fear River.
In addition to the press conference, Handy attended a Sunny Point command and operations briefing and received a "windshield" tour of the massive facility, located on 8,502 acres of rolling sand hills along the Cape Fear River near Wilmington, N.
Fran roared onto land at the Cape Fear River with 115 mph winds Thursday night before weakening to a tropical storm by dawn Friday in Virginia.
These areas, described as "forested wetlands," and "tidal freshwater wetlands," refer only to the property bordering the Northeast Cape Fear River and Island Creek - and make up only a small percentage of the proposed site.
4 acres intertidal marsh) on Cape Fear River dredged material disposal island 13.
Previously, he served on the board of directors for the Cape Fear River Watch and is still an active volunteer with the organization.
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