Cape Cod Canal

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a canal connecting Cape Cod Bay with Buzzards Bay

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"Fishing the Cape Cod Canal" covers all the storied locations on its banks including: The Power Plant, Pip's Rip, The Dolphin's, The Cribbin, The Herring Run, Mass Maritime, Bell Road, The Stone Church, Murderer's Row and more.
In North America, the seven-mile Cape Cod Canal connects New England's Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod Bay, making the Cape Cod Peninsula an island of sorts and saving 135 miles for ships sailing up the East Coast bound for Boston.
For decades, Buzzards Bay has been a major thruway for oil barges, with approximately 2.1 billion gallons of oil traveling through the Cape Cod Canal each year.
The Cape Cod Canal was opened, connecting Cape Cod Bay and Buzzards Bay.
"There are the eavesdropping peeks into the backyards that come up hard against the track and the singular thrill of crawling across the lowered railroad bridge passing over swirling water of the Cape Cod Canal."
Most of it appears to have soaked into the soil, but some of the gasoline and the foam got into the catch basins and made its way to the Cape Cod Canal, he said.
National Weather Service meteorologist Bill Simpson said a winter storm warning has been issued for every part of Massachusetts north of the Cape Cod Canal through Tuesday morning.
Smelt were being taken in Hull, Quincy and Hingham, while small mackerel have been observed at the east end of the Cape Cod Canal, where diehards risking frozen fingers are still pursuing small stripers.
He enjoyed fishing, and when the strip bass were running in the Cape Cod Canal, that's where you would find him.
His itinerary included a tour of the Cape Cod Canal and visit to the Command Center, courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers.