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a Massachusetts peninsula to the south of Boston extending into the Atlantic

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Upon her retirement to raise her two children, she procured her real estate license and sold condominium units on the conversion into condominiums at 80 Salisbury Street in Worcester and various other real estate projects.She played a major role with her husband in the design and construction of their home in Paxton and also the same role in their home on Great Island, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.She enjoyed traveling with her husband and family on many vacations.
The fort's Artillery Battery 519--located under Henlopen's Great Dune, the largest sand hill between Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and Cape Hatteras, North Carolina--is now home to the Fort Miles Museum.
Tropical storm warnings were also in effect for coastal areas in South Carolina and Virginia and as far north as Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
All contact with the 40ft racing cruiser Cheeki Rafiki was lost early on Friday when she was 600 miles east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on her way back to the UK from Antigua.
A blizzard warning is in place for Cape Cod, Massachusetts. OThe greatest snowfall is likely for southern New England, where 12 to 18 inches of snow is a distinct possibility!O said D.
Kerry, the 2004 Democratic Party presidential candidate, had been celebrating the July 4 national holiday weekend with his family at their home on Nantucket Island, an upscale tourist hotspot off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on his first long break since he took over in February as the top US diplomat.
The Barnstable is a small, niche personal property insurer located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The carrier writes only Cape Cod property and has approximately 17,000 policyholders.
Following a honeymoon to Bar Harbor, Maine, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Mr.
The focus is on species that live in the low-salinity river outflows within 10 miles of shore from Cape Cod, Massachusetts south to Florida then west along the Gulf of Mexico to Texas.
"My grandfather lived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and although we would go and see him and he would come and see us it was always in the spring or summer.
Edwards guided and cajoled in the same way Colin Montgomerie did last October, following in the footsteps of his compatriots Tony Duncan, whose GB & I side lost at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in 1953 and Clive Brown, whose class of 1995 triumphed against Tiger Woods and company at Royal Porthcawl in 1995.
The 48-year-old, who took up his hobby full time after being made redundant and set up research company Segontium Searchers, managed to trace DS Oxley's daughter in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Collage was composed by John Stevens, tuba professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and respected composer of brass music, while on a trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The seven movements were designed to "reflect the beauty of the seaside surroundings," and have descriptive titles to inspire the performers accordingly.
(2002a) in Massachusetts who reported 0.07-0.15 individuals per [km.sup.2] on suburban Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The record reported coyote density found in northeastern North America was 0.57 per [km.sup.2] in Maine in the winter (Hilton, 1986).
Ground-Water Resources of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Hydrologic Investigations Atlas HA-692.
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