Cape Breton Island

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an island that forms the northeastern part of Nova Scotia

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Cape Bretoners are gratified by the fact that long, sophisticated songs have survived in Cape Breton when they have ceased to be heard in Scotland.
I didn't have any preconceived notions, and when I did, Cape Bretoners were pretty quick to correct them" (Howe 1990: 66).
Their claims to criteria of rationality and fiscal caution may legitimate them in the eyes of their peers and the broader tax paying public, but it pisses on local autonomy, for which Cape Bretoners have always struggled, and the desire to act, even in the face of uncertainty, to enhance quality of life.
Recent publications outline family connections fully and assure a continuing record of Loyalist families among Cape Bretoners.
Speaking of books, I have just received a copy of Cape Bretoners in the First World War (thanks, Colonel Ted Slaney).
At the same time, I didn't want to lose the traditional aspect so I decided to do one album, totally devoted to that, it's for the Cape Bretoners, so they can have that, that's what they know me for.
For this book, Feintuch (folklore and English, University of New Hampshire) interviewed 22 Cape Bretoners who are involved in the region's efforts to use its traditional culture as an engine to revitalize its economy.
The author reads the festival as an intervention on several levels: as part of a set of contests and contrasts by which Cape Bretoners articulate their identities and heritages; as a medium by which Celticity is defined and shaped as a transnational cultural discourse; as one arm of a strategy by which island entrepreneurs are repositioning Cape Breton as central within global tourist flows; and as a means by which a relatively cold northern landscape is made attractive through a discursive linkage with the pleasing imagery of autumn foliage in scenic mountain and highland topography.
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