Cape Breton Island

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an island that forms the northeastern part of Nova Scotia

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Overall, this study did not reveal a clearly identifiable cause for the continued absence of moose in southeastern Cape Breton Island.
Interactions between an outbreak of spruce budworm and browsing by a significant population of moose may have created a previously undocumented successional pattem in the forest ecosystem of northern Cape Breton Island.
Located on Cape Breton Island, the tar ponds consist of tons of contaminated soil and sediment left over from 100 years of production as the Sydney Coke Ovens turned coal into coke, a key ingredient in steel production.
Lesser-known Celtic artists benefited from this exposure as well, especially those from areas with descendants rich in its heritage, such as Cape Breton Island in eastern Nova Scotia.
Thus, "Fashioned by Time" includes photos of glacial erratics in Norway, weathered granite in South Africa, chunks of basaltic lava in the Galapagos Islands rounded by Pacific surf, almost spherical boulders on a Cape Breton Island beach, and windblown sand grains in an ancient Newfoundland limestone.
Within the Scotian Shelf region off of Nova Scotia, this area is due south of Cape Breton Island in the area of Canso Bank.
At the same time, the Kirkes set sail for Quebec and James Stewart, Lord Ochiltree and 60 more Scottish settlers came ashore on Cape Breton Island to build Fort Rosmar on the site of what would become the fortress of Louisbourg.
Attempting "the impossible" is how Tennyson introduces this large bibliography of Cape Breton Island.
While Nova Scotia would seem the perfect place to work as a marine biologist, most of Paul's work actually takes place inland, researching species found in Bras d'Or Lake, a unique salt water lake located in the heart of Cape Breton Island.
For many who live elsewhere in Canada, Cape Breton Island is thought of as the home of music, humour and hospitality: a place where kitchen floors have the "plank'er down" treatment from dancing and where a welcome light is always on, the land of ceilidhs, Rita MacNeil, Men of the Deeps, Ashley MacIssac and Glen Davis.
For this reason, among others, it was a delight to read the acclaimed novel No Great Mischief by Canadian author Alistair MacLeod, which chronicles its own Clan Donald, from the arrival over two centuries ago on the shores of Cape Breton Island of patriarch Calum Ruadh (Red Calum) and his family from the Scottish Highlands.
The audience also really liked The Fairy Faith, John Walker's opening film of the Canadian Spectrum, with its tales of legends and lore, lovely and scary little figures gambolling in the hills of Cape Breton Island, the highlands of Scotland, the moors of Devon and, of course, Ireland.
Spectacularly located on a cliff edge on the tip of Cape Breton island, the Danielson House is a retirement home for a landscape architect and a meteorologist.
Hailing from Canada's Cape Breton Island, MacMaster, 28, grew up in a musical family, getting her first fiddle as a small child and recording her first album at 16.
Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, is the intended site of Electronic Data Systems Corporation's (EDS) second customer interaction center to be established on Cape Breton Island.
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