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The optimal allocation of resource (via capacity optimization) yields a slightly lower standard deviation and thus less disparity for accessibility.
The net ergodic capacity optimization problem, whose optimization variables were the number of the coordinated BSs and the dividing-area radius, was derived and simplified.
Now we present our capacity optimization algorithm COA (shown in Algorithm 2), which finds the area a and the battery [b.sub.x] to minimize the objective equation (5).
(1) Capacity optimization mentioned in Section 3: it ensured that the total capacity of the substations would not be much bigger than the plan needs.
The minimum system capacity optimization problem described by Equations 3-10 is non-linear in the objective and constraint functions and is multimodal in that there can be several alternative sets of air mass flow rates that result in the same solution.
ProtecTIER leverages the HyperFactor capacity optimization technology to only store new information from backup to backup, which enables the extreme disk space savings claimed by Diligent.
Nonetheless, capacity optimization is essential for the future of the corn panies--and the union.
The second phase of Hubbell's systems modifications included the installation of the warehouse management system, which manages all of the activities within the four walls of the distribution centre, including inventory control, labour and equipment management and warehouse storage capacity optimization. Hubbell stocks 6,500 items with an online catalog of 40,000 items.
Before joining DHL, Magued spent more than a decade in the airline industry, taking on responsibilities ranging from cargo operations, capacity optimization as well as, marketing and commercial roles.
This paper addresses coverage capacity optimization issues for such applications.
"Mobile WiMAX: Multi-Cell Network Evaluation and Capacity Optimization," in Proc.
The system control and capacity optimization is also constrained in that the system must have sufficient capacity and be operated in a manner that maintains the zone thermal comfort (the system components must also operate within their performance limits).
Capacity Optimization leverages predictive technologies and processes to forecast and balance business demand with the supply of IT resources across physical and virtual environments.
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