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opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)

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In order to compensate of the inductive reactance, the tuning stub acted like a capacitive reactance is joined to form an open transmission line.
Parallel combination of load resistance R and capacitive reactance [X.
If the shunted capacitor's Q becomes <1, the capacitive reactance has little effect.
The converse is also true where the capacitive reactance of the output impedance of the amplifier at low gate bias (-1 V) is canceled by the inductive reactance of the transformed varactor diode impedance at 15 V.
This novel miniaturization technology uses a below-resonant monopole which possesses a capacitive reactance and a below-resonant loop which has an inductive reactance.
X] will return the resistive component of the impedance while calculating the imaginary component will yield the inductive or capacitive reactance value.