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opposition to the flow of electric current resulting from inductance and capacitance (rather than resistance)

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Defining [w.sub.TM01] as the resonant frequency for TM01 evanescent mode, it can be obtained when the capacitive reactance and the equivalent input impedance [Z.sub.inTEM01] are equal.
Table 1: System Parameters Line to line voltage 230 kV Frequency 60 Hz Transmission rating 100 MVA Capacitance of DC link Capacitor 2000[micro]F DC link voltage 38kV Length of the transmission line 500 km Resistance of the line 32 [micro][OMEGA]/m Inductive reactance of the line 388.3 [micro][OMEGA]/m Capacitive reactance of the line 241.1 M[??]-m Table 2: simulation schedule 0.0 to 0.1 sec UPFC blocked 0.1 to 0.5 sec Two transmission lines in the network 0.5 to 1.5 secs Breaker is opened at 1.5 secs Breaker is reclosed at 2.0 secs L-G fault applied to the line at 2.03 secs L-G fault is cleared
If the shunted capacitor's Q becomes <1, the capacitive reactance has little effect."
The converse is also true where the capacitive reactance of the output impedance of the amplifier at low gate bias (-1 V) is canceled by the inductive reactance of the transformed varactor diode impedance at 15 V.
Series capacitiors have been added to long transmission lines to improve their impedance--the capacitive reactance offsetting the line inductance.
This ratio causes to appear a capacitive reactance between the line and ground that increases the reflection.
capacitive reactance decreases with the increase in frequency therefore, an overload due to high harmonics is a key factor).
This novel miniaturization technology uses a below-resonant monopole which possesses a capacitive reactance and a below-resonant loop which has an inductive reactance.