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persuasion of voters in a political campaign

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I didn't--I don't think I was involved with the canvassing board until when they started doing the automatic recount, which I think was the next day or the day after, but you know, I stayed up, I think, until 2:30 in the morning when they--the networks said it was for Bush, and I think I woke up in the morning and then they were saying it was much closer than they had thought.
This measure would prevent a recurrence of the situation in Florida in December 1876, when the canvassing board announced its results on the very day the electors were to vote.
The court reasoned that if the canvassing board must count ballots where the intent of the voter can be discerned, these are also "legal votes" in an election contest.
89) But this section of the statute allowed candidates to challenge the count "prior to the time the canvassing board certifies the results for the office being protested or within 5 days after midnight of the date the election is held, whichever occurs later.
You turn on CNN and see people you've known for years on a first-name basis acting as something called the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board.
Once the sample recount is completed and the canvassing board concludes there was an error in the vote tabulation that could affect the outcome of the election, another section (102.
First, the "problem is how a county canvassing board translates that directive to these punch cards.
But the court went a step further, ordering every canvassing board to count the ballots missed by machine counts.
I hardly call a canvassing board of two Democrats and one Republican, or in one case three Democrats, bipartisan.
The Palm Beach County Canvassing Board is to report its vote tally today in the battle between Gore and Republican George W.
Charles Burton, a member of the Palm Beach County canvassing board, said: "We will all be here until Christmas if this continues.
In a fascinating, blow-by-blow account of the historic recount that captivated people nationwide, Jay Weiner gets inside campaign war rooms and judges' chambers and takes the reader from the uncertainties of Election Night 2008, through the controversial State Canvassing Board and a grueling eight-week trial, to an appeal to Minnesota's Supreme Court, and finally to Al Franken's long-awaited swearing-in.
Jose Amor Amorado, who also acts as the Quick Count Center chief of the Marcos camp, said that they hope that the poll body would act on their request before Congress convenes as a canvassing board for the posts of President and Vice President on May 25.
166 provide[ed] no standards to guide the discretion of the canvassing board in determining whether a manual recount is warranted"; (53) Secondly, it argued that "Florida Statute 102.
The results will be announced by the Sarangani Provincial Canvassing Board, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) said.