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persuasion of voters in a political campaign

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Besides the secretary of state, the Canvassing Board includes state Supreme Court Justices Natalie Hudson and Paul Thissen, 4th Judicial District Chief Judge Ivy S.
The Palm Beach County supervisor of elections and the canvassing board just threw up their hands and said we don't know what to do.
This measure would prevent a recurrence of the situation in Florida in December 1876, when the canvassing board announced its results on the very day the electors were to vote.
That morning, a three-judge canvassing board in Miami-Dade County resolved to recount 10,750 "undervotes"--ballots which machines had read as showing no vote for president, but which, examined by hand, might reveal such evidence of voter intent as the now-famous "dangling chads." Outraged operatives for George W.
Nonetheless, he wrote, "As chair of the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board, I found myself at the center of a partisan process with the highest stakes imaginable....
They claimed that a Republican "riot" intimidated the Miami-Dade canvassing board into halting its recount, but their desperate accusation flunked the giggle test.
Palm Beach County Canvassing Board,(6) followed the Florida Supreme Court's November 21 decision to extend the time for ballot certification past the date set by Florida statute.(7) The Supreme Court granted certiorari, and heard the case on December 1.
Section 102.166 provided a mechanism for protesting the election tallies at the county level and, under some circumstances, provided the option for a manual recount of disputed ballots.(89) But this section of the statute allowed candidates to challenge the count "prior to the time the canvassing board certifies the results for the office being protested or within 5 days after midnight of the date the election is held, whichever occurs later."(90) The problem was timing.
You turn on CNN and see people you've known for years on a first-name basis acting as something called the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board.
The trial judge concluded that, absent an abuse of discretion by the canvassing board, he could not order a manual recount (Gore v.
First, the "problem is how a county canvassing board translates that directive to these punch cards.
But the court went a step further, ordering every canvassing board to count the ballots missed by machine counts.
One Republican lawyer was asked to leave the room as he argued about the canvassing board's decisions on the ballots.
The Palm Beach County Canvassing Board is to report its vote tally today in the battle between Gore and Republican George W.
Charles Burton, a member of the Palm Beach County canvassing board, said: "We will all be here until Christmas if this continues."