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king of Denmark and Norway who forced Edmund II to divide England with him

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Our best science tells us that, with rapidly mounting climate change, the oceans are, in fact, rising, but our modern Canute rejects that science, claiming it is a hoax put around by the Chinese.
Democracy would not have prevented the ocean tides, driven by gravity, from drowning Canute if he had stayed on his throne, and a referendum will not turn back the economic tides driven by globalization.
Canute has recently served as president of Global Manufacturing and Corporate Operations of Genzyme Corporation from the period 2010 until 2011.
Canute Logistics provides a nation-wide distribution service through 14 locations and operate around the clock to co-ordinate movements between Distribution Centres, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.
Tenders are invited for Drinking Water - Town of Canute Water Treatment Plant
Although we enjoy your magazine and have for years, my daughter and 1 were disappointed by the reference to King Canute in the story "To the Moon
Yes, some people will be determined to keep Welsh alive, while many others pay lip service, but it's a bit like king Canute trying to hold back the tide.
Dad-of-two Sam, 40, dubbed King Canute, is burying dirty topsoil under fresh earth at his four-bedroom home in Moorland.
Peter Horn debuted his brand new Mark Mills-designed Canute at Audi Victoria Week in 2010 and made an immediate impression, winning Division 2 of the IRC Series.
No wonder much of the country is being hit by floods, with thousands struggling to protect their homes by doing what King Canute failed to and fight back against the swelling waters.
Stationer Andrew Maddock, 53, said: "We realise it is a bit like King Canute holding back the tide and it feels like a David and Goliath situation, but we have to make a stand.
PA) has announced that it has leased its industrial facility to Canute Group.
I told him I wanted to be like King Canute, controlling the waves," Kirke said.
Others are more obscure, like King Canute and Elthelred the Unready.
King Canute, just foiled when backed down from massive odds on his return from a long lay-off three weeks previously, made no mistake when dropped in trip for the earlier 7f handicap.