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king of Denmark and Norway who forced Edmund II to divide England with him

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hordes, transfer match United Truth is King Canute had more chance of turning the tide than Steve Bruce has of turning his tide of public opinion.
When Canute saw that his denial of evidence and science was futile, he learned humility, and concluded that "all the inhabitants of the world should know that the power of kings is vain and trivial."
By legend, King Canute was a Norse king of Denmark and England about the 11th century who had his courtiers take him, on his throne, to the ocean's edge where he commanded the tide not to come in.
Summary: The legend of King Canute describes how an early Anglo-Saxon king showed his subjects the limits of royal power.
British Prime Minister Theresa May, whose motto is "Brexit means Brexit", seems to believe that Canute's message was about democracy, not astronomy: he should have held a referendum.
Currently, Canute is a member of the boards of directors of Oncobiologics, Flexion Therapeutics and Proteon Therapeutics.
Wynyard, United Kingdom, July 27, 2016 --( Canute Logistics has gone live with its first project to deploy TranSend electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), as part of a company-wide initiative to review its core delivery and planning systems.
I DON'T know whether Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sees himself as King Canute or Nero but surely he must know he is flogging a dead horse.
BrItAIn has not had a King Canute for over a thousand years, then Geraint Davies, the MP for Swansea West, comes along.
The Government clearly holds the view that trying to prop up the offshore industry is a King Canute operation.
LEGEND has it King Canute knew his beach stunt was pointless.
Although we enjoy your magazine and have for years, my daughter and 1 were disappointed by the reference to King Canute in the story "To the Moon!
Peter Horn debuted his brand new Mark Mills-designed Canute at Audi Victoria Week in 2010 and made an immediate impression, winning Division 2 of the IRC Series.
No wonder much of the country is being hit by floods, with thousands struggling to protect their homes by doing what King Canute failed to and fight back against the swelling waters.