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informal term for Canadians in general and French Canadians in particular

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Though he has stints with the Montreal Canadiens, Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders, Odjick spent the majority of his pro career (eight seasons) with the Canucks.
As a Friends of the Canucks For Kids Fund sponsor, Doug and Heather Morneau received an invitation to a private reception earlier that evening in "Lui's Lounge." There, Roberto Luongo went head to head with a handful of lucky guests in a game of Texas Hold'em, and Canucks President and General Manager Mike Gillis and Head Coach Alain Vigneault mingled with the crowd.
If top Canuck network CTV's buzzword last fall was "stability," this fall it's "shuffle," with popular shows--"Two and a Half Men," "Medium" and "Criminal Minds" (Canada's third-ranked show last season)--moving to sister network A.
Johnny Canuck spoke to the self-flattering belief that Canada's efforts were crucial for defeating Hitler.
Overall Canuck doc production dipped 12% to $431.5 million in 2007-08.
At the time, Harilaid's company had ruled the roost of the Canuck music-video industry for almost a decade, racking up 500 videos, truckloads of MuchMusic Awards and a prestigious client list including the likes of Creed, Shaggy, Hootie and the Blowfish and The Barenaked Ladies.
Canuck would be disastrous for our operations here, and probably would be in Ottawa, as well.
The program gives cash to companies with proven track records to develop a series of films, and the notion is that these projects will be more commercial and market-driven than the usual Canuck fare.
A strong selection of Canadian features including Les Invasions barbaras, Luck, Nothing, The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam, The Republic of Love, The Corporation, Hollywood North and Love, Sex and Eating the Bones revealed 2003 to be an exceptional year for Canuck cinema.
MONTREAL For the first time this year, folks toiling in the Canuck biz have something to be mildly positive about.
TORONTO If this year's crop of Canuck features world preeming at TIFF is any indication, domestic auds will soon enjoy one of the most eclectic arrays of homegrown pics to come along in recent years--that is, if they know about them and hustle to the local multiplex.
A subtle investigation of the processes of colonialization and psychology of need, Thin Ice is a f ilm about one expatriate Canuck's strangely desperate desire for American affirmation.
writers' strike and Canuck producers' concerns about changes to government funding sources, the mood--as well as attendance--was up at the 29th Banff World Television Festival, which ended June 11.
12), which was quickly followed by Geoff Pevere's and Greig Dymond's Mondo Canuck, a book that properly puts these early Hollywood stars into the larger context of North American popular culture.
In spite of the way-off-the-beaten-track subject, the film, co-produced by Montreal outfit EyeSteelFilm and the National Film Board of Canada, has become one of the more notable Canuck domestic hits in recent memory.