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informal term for Canadians in general and French Canadians in particular

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As a Friends of the Canucks For Kids Fund sponsor, Doug and Heather Morneau received an invitation to a private reception earlier that evening in "Lui's Lounge.
Sunshine" (ABC); Renaissance drama "The Borgias" (Showtime), which co-stars popular Canuck thesp Colm Feore; and Paula Abdul's "Got to Dance" (CBS).
For instance, Canuck is deeply naive to assert that military "authorities" should have no input in the "disclosure of information" about CF activities .
Last week, Ion Television joined Stateside buyers and snapped up two Canuck one-hour dramas, "The Border," about a cross-border security force, and "The Guard," about coast guard rescue specialists Working off the coast of British Columbia.
Had there been a prize for Best Improvement by a Country, the Canucks would have won it hands down.
The Canucks have played one potential elimination game in the playoffs, an overtime win over Chicago in the first round.
That's why some producers prefer their Canuck distribs wait until a U.
He began his NHL career in 1998 and became a regular on the Vancouver Canucks lineup in 2000-2001.
To Fuchs--who spent years running Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope--all this shows that Canadians care about their pubcaster's role providing a Canuck voice amid the American hits.
Pere and Dymond storm Canada's cultural ramparts with Mondo Canuck, arguing with confidence for a broader notion of Canada's contribution to North American, and therefore world, pop culture.
Fest director Shauna Hardy Mishaw is hoping that someday Whistler will be to the Canuck film industry what Sundance is for U.
Exponentia has since released the communications platform for the NHL's Vancouver Canucks hockey team, and service will begin again at the start of the Canuck's next season.
The amount of homegrown drama on TV declined precipitously after 1999 when regulators relaxed the content rules, which had forced broadcasters to air Canuck drama.
Two days earlier, SAG had been broadsided by Canadian producers, who threatened a court challenge against what they call an assault on Canadian sovereignty and an attempt to undermine last fall's deal between Canuck actors and producers.