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a melody used as the basis for a polyphonic composition

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use of canon, shared cantus firmi, shared texts, etc.
Nine sixteenth-century motets by composers ranging from Philippe Verdelot to Claude Le Jeune follow, all settings of Savonarolan cantus firmi or the meditations on Psalms 30 and 50 that Savonarola wrote in prison while awaiting execution.
The appendixes include all of the cantus firmi that Carver used in his Masses, plus a critical commentary and the texts and English translations of the two motets.
Haar also investigates Lasso's musical treatment of cantus firmi, distinguishing between a traditional approach, in which the cantus firmus determines the overall structure of the motet, and a newer approach, in which the cantus firmus is adjusted to fit the surrounding counterpoint.
Appendixes provide plainsongs used as cantus firmi, brief descriptions and bibliographies for each source, and a thorough textual commentary.