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the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music

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a major division of a long poem

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In 2009, Cantus received the prestigious Chorus America Margaret Hillis Award; two years later, its work with students earned it the Chorus America Education Outreach Award.
The vast majority of solo movements are in the style of arias that begin with opening ritornellos, and when the voice enters with each line of the hymn text (to a melodic line not necessarily associated with the chorale), the chorale tune eventually emerges from the instrumental ensemble as a cantus firmus.
Contents of the manuscripts containing Divina: All copies of Divina appear in manuscripts devoted either exclusively or primarily to music theory; and Divina keeps good company: four of the manuscripts include the Ars practica mensurabilis cantus ascribed to Johannes de Muris; five include the Ars contrapuncti, likewise ascribed to him; two include Book I of the Berkeley Compendium, notable as the earliest (1375) extensive treatment of accidentals (sharps and flats) outside the standard medieval array, which included only B-flats in addition to the "white" notes.
That musical term is polyphony, "a fugue in which a primary and unchanging melody (the cantus firmus) is progressively joined by counterpointed melodies which superficially oppose it but, taken as a whole, blend together into a powerful harmonic whole.
The facial shell was aligned to two planes: the mid-sagittal plane (Y-Z) and the inner cantus of the eyes (X-Z).
La incision de la piel se realizo tomando en cuenta estructuras palpables externamente como la protuberancia occipital externa, las crestas nucales, las crestas parietales, el borde orbitario y la linea imaginaria entre los cantus mediales de los ojos.
Colm O'Donoghue was taken to Tralee Hospital suffering from a suspected dislocated right shoulder when his mount Cantus broke a leg and had to be put down after the incident three furlongs from the finish.
These are cantus firmus settings in which a tenor or superius line of a polyphonic chanson is lifted, literally intact, and surrounded by new lines in an obviously rhythmically and melodically nonvocal style, the most famous examples of which include the numerous arrangements of Hayne van Ghizeghem's De tous biens plaine.
The opening piece - Arvo Part's Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten - is one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces of heartfelt anguish, almost.
The groups discussed in this article are Cantus Vocum (Chad Stride, conductor), Shallaway (formerly the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir) (Susan Knight and Ki Adams, conductors), the Quintessential Vocal Ensemble (Susan Quinn, conductor), and Holy Heart of Mary Chamber Choir (Susan Quinn, conductor).
This topic is indeed the cantus firmus, so to say, of much of Ratzinger's theology of political life.
Away in a Manger, featuring the all-male vocal ensemble Cantus, Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, $20-$35; www.
Some of the aspects that will be discussed include imitations, cadences, use of cantus firmus, length of verses, and use of mode.
The 27 essays honoring her discuss such topics as Chopin's Polish Rhapsody, folklore and reminiscence in Claude Debussy, marking the accord of instrument and style from 1709 to 1768, deconstructive melodrama in the Hamlet of Ambroise Thomas, the problems of musical hermeneutics, words for Marenzio's five-voice madrigals, the cantus firmus of Josquin's Missa Hercules dux Ferrarie, and synagogue reform in Aarhus Denmark.
Pur quanto sia doloroso il dramma della differenza, dell'abiura e dell'inconciliabilita, questo e cio di cui si alimenta il cantus che, Come il poeta, non varia il suo messaggio, ma rinnova la sua opposizione granitica al moto declinante del mondo.