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the highest part (usually the melody) in a piece of choral music

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a major division of a long poem

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The all-male choir Cantus, founded in 1998 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is made up of a mere nine members, performs without a conductor and, in addition to giving frequent concerts, pursues education activities.
The vast majority of solo movements are in the style of arias that begin with opening ritornellos, and when the voice enters with each line of the hymn text (to a melodic line not necessarily associated with the chorale), the chorale tune eventually emerges from the instrumental ensemble as a cantus firmus.
Cantus features six pieces by three influential contemporary classical composers: Arvo Part, Steve Reich, and Hywel Davies.
Bridget Riley's Cantus Firmus 1972-73 is instantly recognisable as a Riley, as the eyes start to blur, and Peter Davies's Small Touching Squares Painting is made up of lots of tiny blobs of colour which shows admirable sticking power.
The concert will also see participation from the a-cappella classical Cantus choir and the more jazzy a-cappella singers Blue Fever.
God wants us to love him eternally with our whole hearts--not in such a way as to injure or weaken our earthly love, but to provide a kind of cantus firmus to which the other melodies of life provide the counterpoint.
Best known for Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten, his musical scores have been pervaded by bell-like sounds since the musical breakthrough to poetic expression called "tintinnabular" style.
The Ars practica mensurabilis cantus (formerly known as Libellus cantus mensurabilis), ascribed to him in more than fifty manuscripts, is the earliest complete statement of the theory, which became the foundation of the system of rhythmic notation that prevailed until around 1600.
Readers not thoroughly familiar with the ideas and content of those specific works will find it difficult to appreciate the full significance of the argument but the cantus firmus of Luther's thought is readily apparent throughout.
That musical term is polyphony, "a fugue in which a primary and unchanging melody (the cantus firmus) is progressively joined by counterpointed melodies which superficially oppose it but, taken as a whole, blend together into a powerful harmonic whole." (2) Eleven months before his execution Bonhoeffer wrote:
Well, as it happened, the side dishes ("Three Divertimenti" for string quartet by Benjamin Britten; "Cantus in Memoriam Benjamin Britten" for String Orchestra and Bell" by Estonian composer Arvo Part; and "Cantata Misericordium" by Britten) were quite savory.
The facial shell was aligned to two planes: the mid-sagittal plane (Y-Z) and the inner cantus of the eyes (X-Z).
Colm O'Donoghue was taken to Tralee Hospital suffering from a suspected dislocated right shoulder when his mount Cantus broke a leg and had to be put down after the incident three furlongs from the finish.