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a town in Kent in southeastern England

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The expression, which is related to tax collecting, is said to have originated with Archbishop of Canturbury John Morton in the 15th century.
Mr Shapps said he would relish the opportunity to explain the changes to Mr Williams, adding: "My door is always open to the Archbishop of Canturbury.
New Zealander Hore, who took over the job a year ago after arriving in Wales from the Canturbury Crusaders, praised the improved physical conditioning of the players and believes the attitude of the squad is the most positive he has witnessed.
Highalnders v Crusaders- Sporting: 56-59 Total Points, 75-80 Tryscorers shirts, 100-107 Otago performance, 58-63 Canturbury performance, 50-54 Otago hotshots (Wilson, Laney, Alatini, Kelleher), 34-38 Canterbury hotshots (Ralph, So'oalo, Gibson, Marshall)