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Synonyms for Canton

a small administrative division of a country

provide housing for (military personnel)

divide into cantons, of a country

References in classic literature ?
I even doubted if the Rhone glacier WAS in a Protestant canton; but I did not know, so I could not make anything by contradicting a man who would probably put me down at once with manufactured evidence.
They are kept together by the peculiarity of their topographical position; by their individual weakness and insignificancy; by the fear of powerful neighbors, to one of which they were formerly subject; by the few sources of contention among a people of such simple and homogeneous manners; by their joint interest in their dependent possessions; by the mutual aid they stand in need of, for suppressing insurrections and rebellions, an aid expressly stipulated and often required and afforded; and by the necessity of some regular and permanent provision for accomodating disputes among the cantons. The provision is, that the parties at variance shall each choose four judges out of the neutral cantons, who, in case of disagreement, choose an umpire.
The Protestant and Catholic cantons have since had their separate diets, where all the most important concerns are adjusted, and which have left the general diet little other business than to take care of the common bailages.
"In the first place, I sought for the position of mayor in the canton, and in this I succeeded.
The final decision in this matter, which gave some property to the Commune, in the possession of which we were confirmed by the Council of State, made me a person of great importance in the canton. But what a lot of worry there was over it!" the doctor remarked, stopping short, and raising a hand which he let fall again--a gesture that spoke volumes.
It would take on board the furs collected during the preceding year, carry them to Canton, invest the proceeds in the rich merchandise of China, and return thus freighted to New York.
As announced earlier by the FBiH Ministry of Education and Science, the new school year begins on September 2, in primary and secondary schools, in nine cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The ratings reflect Zurich's high degree of autonomy and corresponding capability to adjust personal and corporate income tax rates, in line with all other Swiss cantons. The ratings also factor in Zurich's wealthy and dynamic economy, its prudent budgetary and debt management as well as its sound debt ratios.
19 December 2011 -- Bowing to EU rules, S&P today moved to an "unsolicited" basis the issuer credit ratings on the Swiss cantons of Graubuenden, Lucerne and Schwyz.
Findings from the triennial survey of 400,000 15-year-old students from around the globe revealed those in Switzerland's German-speaking cantons were at the top of their class in each of the three subjects examined: math, science and reading.
Switzerland, after all, is a country which is used to diversity, with its four national languages and its largely self-governing cantons. Every third person in the city of Lausanne is not Swiss.
In this regard, Ambassador Wigemark pointed out that the accession process is guided by the state level government, but that cantons and other, lower levels of government in BiH have certain obligations and powers in this process.
With Outlooks are Stable, the ratings reflect Zurich's high degree of autonomy and corresponding capability to adjust personal and corporate income tax rates, in line with all other Swiss cantons. We estimate Zurich's operating margin to have declined to below 1% in 2017 from 2.9% in 2016.